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I'm a part time cosplayer, full time nerd. Gurren Lagann, Watchmen, Eva & Persona 4 are my forever loves, but I can geek out about pretty much anything! Especially if Gainax made it - HUUURGGGNNNNN

[m o s t f l o g g e d]

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jazqui says, "oh my goodnessssss these are some of my favorite Madoka outfits, you guys look beautiful *A*"
For Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica
krislee says, "i cannot believe how jacked and perfect you are as this character. there will never be another jolyne kujo for me!"
For Jolyne Kujo from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
dougw4496tl says, "Gorgeous :)"
For Asami Sato from Legend of Korra, The
toridoki says, "So awesome :^O !!!"
For Yukako Yamagishi from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Dokudel says, "The fabric looks great for this outfit."
For Black Cat from Marvel Comics