ACP Cosplayer Basics #1: How to Add a Costume

Instructions on how to use your American Cosplay Paradise/Experience account to the maximum
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ACP Cosplayer Basics #1: How to Add a Costume

Post by imariyumiki » Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:14 pm

**=Celestial Only

1.) Series : Choose the series your costume is from the dropbox. If your series isn't listed, click onto Series not in the list? And add the new series.
2.) Character/Item : Select your character, if your character isn't listed add the New Character.
3.) Special Variation : Input your outfit variation.
4.) Costume Status : Active or Retired
5.) Personal Thoughts : Your personal feelings about the costume, character or anything you want to mentioned.
**6.) Commission : Mark Yes or No if you made this for someone else.
7.) Construction Details : Explain how you made your costume.
8.) Year Completed : The year you completed the costume.
9.) Difficulty Level : Select the difficulty level.
10.) Awards : Any contest awards that your costume has won.
11.) Convention : Link the conventions your costume debut at.
12.) Year : The convention year.
13.) Did you use a Wig? : Select Yes or No
14.) Wig Brand : Select the Wig Brand, if you want to add a new wig brand. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12427
15.) Wig Name : Select the wig's name, add it if it doesn't exist. Prevent yourself from adding the words Wig or Cosplay as it is redundant. And refrain from adding the color into the name. As you list that in the next section.
16.) Original Color : The color of the wig.
17.) Wig Coloring Method : If you dyed the wig, explain it here.
18.) Wig Styling Time : How long it took you to style the wig.
19.) Wig Styling Notes : The full details on how you styled the wig.
20.) Wig Rating : The overall rating for the wig.
21.) Wig Comments : In detail review about the rated wig.
22.) After you are done, you click ADD/UPDATE COSTUME button. And you are done!

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