How do I remove/report bad comments by other users?

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How do I remove/report bad comments by other users?

Post by waynekaa » Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:44 am

Once in a while we'll get a troll on ACParadise that leaves bad comments.

If the user very offensive comments that could warrant a ban, please do not hesitate to contact staff.
Just e-mail and
with the Subject as [ACP] User Leaving Inappropriate Comments
Include a screencap of the offensive comment to include the username so we can take appropriate action.

However you can take matters into your own hands as well.
1. Log in
2. Access your Comments Section in your control panel or
3. Scroll down to the offending message
4. If you want to ban the user from ever commenting again, click the "bomb" icon. (BE CAREFUL NOT TO BAN YOURSELF)
5. Click the red "X" icon to remove the comment.
If you want to ban someone, you need to ban them first before removing offending comments.

You can also ignore the offending user on the forums.
Click this link to manage that option:
Wayne of AGSMA