Prop Submission Guidelines (Celestial Only)

Instructions and Criteria on how to submit cosplay items to ACParadise
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Prop Submission Guidelines (Celestial Only)

Post by waynekaa » Wed May 07, 2008 7:01 am

Here are the rules to Props submission at American Cosplay Paradise/Experience.
1. Celestial users only
2. Props should be displayed by the MAKER. Note: This is a little different than the costume gallery where it focuses on the wearer. This is also designed to prevent redundancy in our database with the wearer and the maker both adding the same prop. The maker will have the most details regarding the construction and is best suited to upload them. If you bought something and you have visibly modified it, that's ok. (We may ask you for before and after photos for proof)
CLARIFICATION: If you bought/commissioned your awesome steel forged katana online, you aren't the maker. If you bought your prop for a commissioner, you did not make it, the commissioner did. Just upload pictures of your bought prop into your regular costume entry as close ups. The props section is to show off your own craftsmanship, not how well you take photos of someone elses.
3. For examples of props, just view Lionboogy's gallery. Mostly weapons, but if you have a certain part of a costume you want highlighted, such as Edea's backplate, you can add that but please use some restraint, only one focus per costume, it should feature some element of craftsmanship, and it should be something you made, not someone else. The rest should go in your regular costume entry as close ups. We don't want the props section abused with little sections of each of your costumes, like Lulu's left hair chopstick #1, Lulu's right chopstick #1, Lulu's left hair chopstick #2, Lulu's right chopstick #2, etc.
4. Dont reupload the same pictures you used in your costume entry for your prop entry, that is redundant.
5. We may need to ask for a picture of you with your prop to prove that you made it, but usually you'll have your own costume in the gallery with the prop. I hope we don't get any, but please report any imposters or such to us.
6. Please no random "chibi" SD plushies like UFO catcher types. Those aren't considered cosplay props unless the character actually has one in the series. Things are like Hibari's Hibird are ok, but Lockon with a Chibi Tieria plushie is not <s>(as much as you want that to be true)</s>.
7. No double dipping your prop into different series when it's the same prop. Don't upload Sora's standard Keyblade into Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2, please just pick one.
8. Props not in compliance with these guidelines are subject to removal. Any other questions feel free to ask/IM/PM me or <lj user="genjitsu">

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