EpicCosplay Wig Sponsorship Procedures

Instructions and Criteria on how to submit cosplay items to ACParadise
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EpicCosplay Wig Sponsorship Procedures

Post by waynekaa » Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:44 pm

1. ACParadise will announce that an industry sponsored event will have EPICCOSPLAY wig sponsorship

2. ACParadise cosplayer will fill out an application on the ACParadise.com site in response to a casting call.

3. Those that are eligible will receive a specific email confirming they are a volunteer and qualified for wig sponsorship. The subject of the email will read, "[ACP] Event Volunteer Confirmation"

4. Cosplayer will order and pay for the wig themselves and use it in the event.

5. ACParadise will confirm that cosplayer successfully completed the required shifts for the event.

6. Cosplayer will need to be following ACP and EPICCOSPLAY on at least 2 out of 3 (Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr) Do all three for extra love!
https://www.facebook.com/acosplayparadise https://twitter.com/acparadise http://acparadise.tumblr.com/
https://www.facebook.com/ecosplay https://twitter.com/epiccosplay http://epiccosplaywigs.tumblr.com/

7. Cosplayer should make a minimum of two social media posts (once before the event, and once during/after the event) plugging both ACParadise and EPICCOSPLAY in the post.

Example: Hey come find me at the __Industry__ Booth for the @ACParadise __Series__ Event! My __NameofWig__ was sponsored by @EpicCosplay!

8. After the event, ACParadise will request cosplayer to send an E-mail that contains the following information:
-ACParadise link
-E-mail address
-Name of the wig
-ACP Link of their costume showing that the wig has been linked

9. After confirmation by ACParadise, Email will be forwarded to EPICCOSPLAY. EpicCosplay will issue out a voucher in the amount of the wig to go back to the cosplayer.
Wayne of AGSMA

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