Newbie trying to copy a steel helmet and turn it into a cosmic crown looking for guidance

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Newbie trying to copy a steel helmet and turn it into a cosmic crown looking for guidance

Post by crunchy32 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 11:33 pm

Hello all, I am entirely new to the hobby and have never done anything like this before, so I may be jumping a little too far into the deep end.

I have a steel medieval style helmet (see attached images) which I am looking to copy to create a sort of SCIFI space emperor sort of crown. I am thinking of creating a mold of the original helmet and then slush casting a copy out of black resin. I will remove the jaw and nose covering and keep the rest to make the basis of my crown. I will then run LED strips inside. Overall I am looking to end up with a glossy black copy of the helmet (minus the face piece) that has a nice pulsing glow.

I have worked with electronics before, so I already know what it takes to make LEDs dance. I haven't cast any molds before, but I have found plenty of mold making and slush casting tutorials (such as here: ). I was wondering if anyone would have any guidance or recommendations for tackling this sort of project.

Would anyone have any suggestions for a resin that I can color black, but still remain semi transparent so that light would shine through it?

Is there anything I should take into consideration when creating a piece of headgear?

Are there any major hurtles I should avoid when casting a mold of a helmet like this?

Any and all information provided would be greatly appreciated.
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