Kintoki-con 2011 *NEW CONVENTION*

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Kintoki-con 2011 *NEW CONVENTION*

Post by nikkiecole » Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:02 am


Guests of Honor:

Moon Stream (Satsuki & Asaha Tomo)
Teruki of An Cafe
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Richard Epcar
Damon Bard
Takamasa Sakurai
Faye Mata
Yukie Dong
Kurot and KL-chan
Ryusuke Hamamoto
Sacramento Taiko Dan


Master of Games!
Evening Dance (Semi-Formal to Formal)
Moon Stream Concert - Saturday
Music & Entertainment Performances
Panels & Workshops
Viewing Rooms (Anime, Movies, & Dramas! Japanese, Chinese and Korean!!)
Cosplay Masquerade -Saturday
Cosplay Runway - Sunday
Hall Cosplay - Friday
Maid Cafe
Bug Exhibit
Gaming Tournaments
*Pokemon Gen 4
*Pokemon Gen 5
*Marvel vs Capcom
*Super Streetfighter IV
*Super Smash Bros. Brawl
TCG Tournaments
*Magic: the Gathering

Dealers info is online.
Artist Alley is FULL (in under 48 hours!)


We hope to see you there!


We are artists, staffs, attendees, and sponsors of Kintoki-Con, an event that focuses on bringing the convention's experience back to the culture; and to the fans.
In addition to celebrating Japanese culture and animation, we will embrace other cultures, such as Korean and Chinese influences.

Please join us at our next convention in Sacramento, California on June 18-19, 2011!.

So what is Kintoki-Con?
Kintoki-con is a con created not just around Japanese media (though it is a great part of it) but also Korean and Chinese. Afterall, Japan would not have existed without China right? (Hetalia reference). Korea's recent shining days are also a welcoming show of just how fast it can catch up to the game.

Why Kintoki-Con?
The name Kintoki was a spoof from Golden Hour (or Golden Time), which is when most TV stations host the hottest shows. For Japan it's when the otakus get home from work.
In China it's when kids go online in search of their favorite anime after school. In the US...its the news hour when parents get home and cartoon hour for the kids (or at least it used to be cartoon
Kaze-Hime of Deviantart was the one who came up with the name, after much debating over other name options.
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Re: Kintoki-con 2011 *NEW CONVENTION*

Post by taki-desu » Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:05 am

i'm actually hoping to be there and get an artist table with my friend :)
it seems liek a good deal too although i probably wont have much spending money after fanime ^^;; haha
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Re: Kintoki-con 2011 *NEW CONVENTION*

Post by nikkiecole » Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:48 pm

Artist Alley info and contracts are up on the site for review. Registration will be up Dec 8th for AA. =)

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Re: Kintoki-con 2011 *NEW CONVENTION*

Post by Priscilla » Mon Nov 08, 2010 10:32 pm

Eeee can't wait. :)

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Re: Kintoki-con 2011 *NEW CONVENTION*

Post by nikkiecole » Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:04 pm

ANNOUNCMENT FROM MAIDS: Applications for Maid Cafe are now closed; thank you to all who applied.

Pre-registration price is currently $15 until 11/24!
*Please do not use this registration system if you plan to book a hotel room*

We still have staff positions that need filling!
Here's the link to the openings and application form:


Only a few more days left till the pre-reg goes up to $20.
If you're not planning on booking a room then be sure to pre-reg before it goes up! ^^
Also note to parents. If you have little ones under 12 and under please let us know for badges!

Masquerade Award Categories and Judging Guidelines Posted

A small note to those interested in hosting Panels and Workshops: 1 panel gets you a partial badge refund; 2 or more gets you a full refund

Win title King of Gaming for Kintoki Con 2011? Want up to $500 in prizes/prize value


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Re: Kintoki-con 2011 *NEW CONVENTION*

Post by nikkiecole » Fri May 20, 2011 11:26 am

We know everyone is busy getting ready for Fanime but don't forget that online registration for Kintoki goes offline after June 1st! Be sure to register before then (pre-registering helps us a lot since it lets the hotel know that people are interested). Click Here To Pre-Register!

Just a reminder that Masquerade is Pre-Reg only. If you don't pre-register online you won't be able to perform. It's really easy! Just Click Here To Fill Out The Form!
You don't need to apply for runway online if you don't want to, but it'd be helpful to us so we know how many to expect. Its the same form as Masq. Just a different section on the form. =)

Hall Cosplay
Hall Cosplay is a special Friday only event! Meaning you must be pre-registered in order to attend and participate!

Cafe Kintoki has their website online! However in order for the cafe to pull through they need your help, the hotel won't let us hold the cafe unless we get enough pre-regs. Please help our cafe out by Pre-Registering!

All right all you gamers! We know you are interested but why are you not pre-registering? It's a $500 grand prize + Faye Mata is gonna be there! REMEMBER! MoG is a PRE-REGISTERED EVENT! If we don't get enough pre-registers we will be forced to cancel the tournament. =( We don't want to though so PLEASE PRE-REGISTER HERE!

FANIME! - Registration, Guests, and more!
WE WILL BE AT FANIME! If you don't have a paypal or just are too special to book online, we will be selling pre-reg weekend, saturday and sunday passes at Fanime! We will also have some event passes as well and if you are interested in booking a room let us know and we will give you a hotel pass. However if you fail to actually book a room the pass will be void. We will be checking. We can also register children under 12 for a child pass for free with a paying adult!

As some of you may have seen, ryusukehamamoto will also be at Fanime as one of their guests. Be sure to stop by and say hi to him! Also Team4D will have booths in the Artist Alley.

We will have a few special guests will be making an appearance in the artist alley; stay tuned for more info!

Friday Night - Pre-Events Launch!
Opening Ceremonies
Pre-Reg Pick-Up (Starts at 6:30pm!)
Hall Cosplay
Dinner with the Guests
Swap Meet
Video Rooms Open
Open Gaming
Cosplay Chess
+more to be confirmed

Maid Cafe Open
Video Rooms
Moon Stream Concert
Masq. Intermission - Dance Performances
Master of Games Tournament - start
Other Gaming Tournaments
TCG Room
Taiko Dan

Maid Cafe Open
Video Rooms
The Dance
Filipino Martial Arts Demos
Cosplay Runway
Master of Games Tournament - finish
Other Gaming Tournaments
TCG Room
Closing Ceremonies (8pm)

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Re: Kintoki-con 2011 *NEW CONVENTION*

Post by vicsan » Sun Jul 03, 2011 6:37 pm

I have to tell you-I had such a great time there sunday! I am planing on coming back next time and I will be taking my cosplay group with me most likely.

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Re: Kintoki-con 2011 *NEW CONVENTION*

Post by Bonolota » Sun Jul 10, 2011 8:06 pm

I hope, that will be more enjoyable.
I am 26, I am male, I love to learn.

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