ACP Cosplayer Basics #2: How to Add and Manage Photos

Instructions on how to use your American Cosplay Paradise/Experience account to the maximum
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ACP Cosplayer Basics #2: How to Add and Manage Photos

Post by imariyumiki » Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:54 pm

This guide provides steps how to upload and manage photos for your costume.

Click either Add Photos after you added a new costume or hit the Manage Photos button on the costume tab.


Click the Add Photos tab as seen in the picture.

An upload page will appear.
**Celestial Only
1.) File : Add the photo by hitting the Browse button. Selecting you from your computer which to upload.
2.) Photographer : Link the photographer that took your photo! If the photographer isn't on you can write their name in the description. (or encourage them to join so you can tag them to all the great photos they took of you! @
3.) Description : Input any comments about the photo with 130 characters limit.
**4.) Category : Normal or Construction/InProgress
**5.) Access Level : Public or VIP Only
After you are done adding photos, you can click SEND PHOTOS to upload the photos to the database.

Once your photos are uploaded you can manage your photos with the options below.
6.) Click on the Image for which you want to select.
7.) You can click MARK/UNMARK ALL PHOTOS to select all or deselect all.
8.) What do you want to do with the checkmarked photos?
-Remove Photo(s) = You can remove what you selected.
-Remove Photographer = Remove the selected photo(s) photographer.
-Add Photographer = Choose a Photographer to add to the selected photo(s).
**-Change Access Level = Choose from Public or VIP Only
**-Change Category = Choose from Normal or Construction
9.) When you have decided what you want to do, you select GO to complete and save the task.

You can also resort where the photos are placed!

You can move it to the left or right when you drag and drop to either side. It automatically saves once you have chosen where it should be placed.

That's the basics of uploading and managing photos!

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