What are ACP Events?

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What are ACP Events?

Post by waynekaa » Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:43 pm

ACP Events are special events that ACParadise.com holds with its industry partners (Such as FUNimation and Aniplex) at anime and comic themed conventions across the United States and Canada.
Typically these events focus on a single anime or video game title and involve cosplayer participation in order to help promote/sell/advertise that title.
There can be multiple themed events at a convention, especially if it is a larger one like Anime Expo or Otakon.
Therefore, ACParadise.com cosplayer members who are planning to attend a convention where an event is held may be the lucky chance to participate in these events.
You can see examples of past ACP Events here:

Why would I want to participate in an ACP Event?
The benefits of helping out at an ACP Event are many and varied.
1. For one, you get to represent as the official _______ cosplayer for the particular series we are featuring
2. Since you are likely a fan of the series, you are probably well positioned to talk about the positive aspects of the series to convention attendees who share your fandom
3. Convention attendees will want to take photos of you and with you, and in addition, if there are special guests, you might be lucky enough to get a photo with them too!
4. Depending on the convention, your badge may be comped for you; however, you will still need to cover your own room, board, travel, dining expenses and other incidentals.
5. Depending on the industry sponsor, you might be a candidate for swag, sometimes it's amazing stuff!
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