Using a Custom ACParadise URL

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Using a Custom ACParadise URL

Post by waynekaa » Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:49 am

NOTE: Custom ACParadise URL is a Celestial Benefit, and thus you would need to have an upgraded Celestial account first.
To upgrade to Celestial, visit the appropriate site:

The ACParadise custom URL makes it easier for you to tell your friends your page link and is attractive to place on business cards or cosplay contact cards.
Our custom URL looks like this

If you are a Celestial User, you may set your custom URL by inputting your desired name into the correct "Custom URL" space. (Only alphabets and numbers allowed, spaces will be transformed into _)
ACP ... &s=profile
ACE ... &s=profile
ACS and click "Edit Profile", and scroll down to Photographer Page Shortcut:
Wayne of AGSMA