Recommended Things to Do When Applying for ACP Events

Instructions and Criteria on how to submit cosplay items to ACParadise
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Recommended Things to Do When Applying for ACP Events

Post by waynekaa » Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:03 pm

Disclaimer: These are only recommendations, and although they increase your chances, following them all does not guarantee your selection.

How can I join an event?
1. ACP Events are restricted to ACParadise cosplayer members. Therefore you need a valid cosplayer profile on prior to participating. It does not matter if you are Celestial or Standard.
In order to set up your ACP cosplay profile, follow the instructions here:
Your ACP Profile functions as a portfolio for review. Therefore, for the best chances at being accepted for an event, it is recommended that you complete it as much as you can.
2. Fill in all the information including your user icon. or
2. Add the costume relevant to the event to your profile and upload 3 photos that show the front, back and side (full view) of the costume with you wearing it. (links to photos on other sites will NOT be considered)
3. Upload a user icon: ... &s=profile
4. Upload all the costumes you've constructed to your profile with at least 3 photos each to demonstrate your cosplay experience. The more costumes uploaded, the better we can gauge your skill level.
5. Update your conventions list with all the conventions you've attended to demonstrate your convention experience
6. Have your cosplay friends add you to their favorites, they will serve as your references if we need to inquire about your skills.

Now with a complete ACParadise cosplay profile, select the event you are interested and apply.
Make sure you read the requirements listed for the event, as each industry partner will have different requests for each event.

Do I need the costume completed?
It is our expectation that you will have the costume completed by the event or an industry set deadline.
ACParadise typically does not supply costumes for you to wear unless indicated by our industry sponsor. So for nearly all events, you are expected to provide for your own costume, whether you make it, have it commissioned or purchased it. It is also expected that the costume will fit you properly. Don't forget to have the proper styled wig as well, and props if indicated.
If your costume is under construction at the time of application, we may ask for construction photos to assess your progress, and to forward to our industry partners for review.
If you are a Celestial Cosplayer, please upload your under construction photos directly to your planned costume with the photo category tag "Construction". Click here for details -> viewtopic.php?f=53&t=12928
If you are a Standard Cosplayer, please upload your under construction photos to your "Unsorted" Photo area. Click here for details -> viewtopic.php?f=53&t=12927
Please note, that having an incomplete costume will place you at a disadvantage compared to someone who already has completed photos of their costume.

Hey, I have a friend that also has a cosplay, can they be in the event too?
If the event is a simple gathering type of event, then sure, invite all your friends.
However, if the event will have special guests, then that friend will need to have an ACParadise account, and apply themselves for the event like everybody else. You may designate a preference to be in the event with your friend but that will not guarantee their participation. Designations to other cosplayers without the corresponding application will not be considered for selection.
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