Costume Submission Guidelines (Everyone)

Instructions and Criteria on how to submit cosplay items to ACParadise
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Costume Submission Guidelines (Everyone)

Post by waynekaa » Mon Aug 13, 2012 6:16 pm

Normal Costume Submission Guidelines:
1. Cosplayer needs to be wearing their costume. You cannot upload photos of other people wearing your costume to your costume profile.
2. At least one photo of the costume needs to show at least 75% of the costume, your face cannot be obscured or hidden. A headshot alone does not suffice as a full costume shot.
3. You cannot exceed the photo limit posted for your particular account.
(5 for standard, 50 for Celestial)
4. You cannot create duplicate costume entries to artifically bypass the photo limit per costume.
5. You cannot upload the same costume into multiple series, you'll need to pick one. (i.e. uploading Sailor Moon into all of our Sailor Moon subseries).
6. Duplicate photos found over multiple costume/prop/wig entries are redundant and are subject to deletion.

In addition, standard account holders have additional restrictions
1. Standard accounts cannot upload original design costumes, including original variants on existing characters to the database (for example, costumes with no -official- reference art. Fanart is not considered official art)
2. Standard accounts cannot upload stand alone wigs, props or construction photos to the database. However, standard accounts can upload these types of photos to their unsorted section, which can be moved later if they upgrade.

Celestial Costume Submissions
1. You can upload in progress photos of your costume, but make sure they are tagged as construction photos. Incomplete photos of your costume showing up as a "normal" photo may be subject to deletion.

Commissioned Costume Submission Guidelines:
1. Celestial users only, and only to be used by the CommissionER (the one that made the costume)
2. A commissioned costume is a costume you've made specifically for someone else, and they keep it. Loaned or borrowed costumes are not considered commissions. If you wore the costume first and sold it later, it is not a commission. If the costume is already present in your normal costume profile, it is not considered a commission.
3. You should only designate a costume as a commission after it's been completed (It will move from your pending costumes to Costumes Made).
4. You should have at least one photo of the completed costume on a dressform with 75% of the costume showing to be your #1 thumbnail.
5. It is recommended you have side and back views of the completed costume on a dressform.
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