How to Make Krul Tepes from Seraph of the End

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How to Make Krul Tepes from Seraph of the End

Post by Celeste_Orchid » Mon May 21, 2018 2:44 am

So this costume looks difficult.. it's kinda not. Here's my video link:

Here are the materials you'll need:
Gold buttons
Black satin
White satin
Red satin
white lace
long pink wig
elf ears
tiny horns (can be prebought)
red ribbon
black ribbon
black card stock
a zipper
(sewing machine with needle and white, red, and black threads)
(buy thigh high boots)

Step 1: Create a bodice out of the black satin. Cut out a hole where the cleave shows so it looks like a U. Then cut two strips of fabric.
Step 2: Sew the bodice together and hem to top of it. Create straps from the two strips of fabric and add to the U part of the bodice.
Step 3: Cut out two short circle skirts in both white and black satin. Hem the edges and then add to the bodice.
Step 4: Create a long trapezoid piece for the skirt tails in red and black. Make sure to sew the red part facing inside and the black part facing out.
Step 5: Create three mini bows out of the red material. Sew on 10 gold buttons to the bodice in the front. Then sew two small bows where the skirt meets the bodice.
Step 6: Create two rectangles for your first sleeve and add elastic to the top hem and bottom hem. On the top add lace.
Step 7: Create a long trapezoid shape to create a bell sleeve and add lace to the bottom hem. Add two gold buttons on the seam.
Step 8: Attach the long trapezoid shape to the top puff rectangle and add long black ribbon bow to the top part to finish the sleeves.
Step 9: Cut two pieces of lace that fit your neck and weave red ribbon in it to secure it. Sew on the last mini bow from step 5 to the lace on the side and add a gold button in the middle of the bow. (Neck piece done!)
Step 10: Draft the design of the bat hair pieces on your card stock, cut it out and then glue black fabric on to it. Glue the bottom edges together after it's dried and then FINISHED.
Step 11: Create two sleeves for your wrists by cutting out a tube of black satin that your hands can go through. Glue two strips of red ribbon onto it.


Let me know if you have any questions about this cosplay or making it!

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