Iori Minase Cosplay Tutorials

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Iori Minase Cosplay Tutorials

Post by TheWolfBunny » Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:42 pm

These are only for Iori Minase female fans. Pay attention now.

Iori Minase's Casual Clothes:


Iori's costume is comprised of a pink tank top (either ribbed or with alternating light pink and dark pink vertical stripes), the straps of which are lined with lace and have ribbons tied to the front. Her skirt is just above knee length, and has a white ruffle along the bottom. The pattern alternates rows of strawberries and pink stripes on a white background. Her shoes are simple brown (cowboy) boots.

1: Find a long brown wig, or if you have long brown hair, keep it. Find a pink headband with a bow.
2: Try to find a white-ribbed pink tank top, and put laces on line, and put ribbons on the shirt. Or find a shirtmaker.
3: Iori's skirt is above keen length, and it has a white ruffle on the bottom, so, try to find a dressmaker who can do a white skirt with a row of strawberries and pink stripes.
4: Try to find brown cowboy boots that fit perfectly.

There! You're Iori!

Iori Minase Anime Clothes:


Here's a tutorial to make Iori's anime clothes from the anime.
1: She wears some sort of short-sleeved purple to maroon dress with a fluffy decor. Find one that matches the color.
2: She wears white buttons and a ribbon on the top of her shirt dress.
3: She wears black shoes. Find them that match them.

Once you find all of these parts, you are now Iori Minase in her anime clothes.
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