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Looney stuff

Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:59 am
by daffyduck
Hey guys, probably a bit of an odd request that you don't usually see, is someone looking for a cosplay related to Looney Tunes, but now you have! So yeah, I've been hunting all over the net for good premade Tunes suits that I could mod up a bit to make into the character I was after, but all the ones on retail are... well not so good, not at all. So I figure I have little choice but to seek a custom build, but the real question, is how to seek out to build a Looney Tunes suit? Everybody seems to be into making stuff more like anime cosplays and the such, so, I need some help!

A bit more specifics... I'm trying to get a hold of one of either two suits, the first one is Danger Duck, the character from *that* rather disliked and short lived cartoon series known as Loonatics Unleashed, as whom appears as follows...

The other character if not Danger Duck, is the other sci fi Daffy spin off, Duck Dodgers... in the 24th and 1 half century! Probably in his 90's outfit of cyber techy armour
Or! If an easier build, the Duck Dodgers from the 60's

Someone please help! If not any commissioners, anyone who can point to a commissioner website who might be able to do one of these! Thank you!