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Looking to buy Fullmetal Achemist or Madoka Magica Cosplay ect.

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:57 pm
by _MadeleineKitty_
For Madoka Magica i am mostly looking for Madoka, Homura and Kyoko but will consider other characters. My budget for madoka magica is under $40. For Full metal Achemist i only want Edward Elric. I only need his red dust coat and black jacket, possibly his watch and wig. For Him i can only spend up to $30 because i still need to make his automail. Some other charaters i will consider are: Taiga Aisaka from toradora , maka from soul eater , yuki yuna from yuki yuna is a hero , any characters from the devil is a part timer , any characters from assassination classroom and maybe Norigami I don't care if second hand. I an quike small. I am 143 cm tall. My measurements are chest - 30 inches or 77 cm, waist - 26 inches or 66 cm, hips - 28 inches or 74 cm. If you have any questions ill be glad to answer.

Thank you very much for considering!