Cosplay Fox costuming (costume's wigs props and more)

Looking to commission a costume or prop? Look no further!
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Cosplay Fox costuming (costume's wigs props and more)

Post by TheCosplayFox » Tue Sep 10, 2013 1:13 pm

Hi I am The cosplay Fox and have been cosplaying for the past 6 years. I have been styling my own wigs, making my own props and costumes and much more during that time. I have a lot of experience. I have made so many costume's and have even won a few contests in the past few years. I have been doing commissions for about 3 years now for friends and customers online. I live off of cosplay it is how I pay my bills so I take it very seriously. I am almost always open for new commissions and I will never take upon anything that I don't feel like I can do. I pride myself on being able to get in the smaller details of every costume and you'll be sure to get an excellent quality costume from me. All costumes come completely surged and lined if needed.

To see my previous work please go to

If you'd like to email me please send a message to

Please send me the following info on any of these sites

If you want a commission please fill out the following info and send it to me.

Deadline: (A date)
Reference images: (many as possible)
Basic Measurements:
Budget: (this helps me look at fabric within your budget)
Additional Info

Deadline: (a date)
Reference images: (many angles as possible)
additional info: (anything else you feel is relevant for me to know)

Props and anything else
Deadline: (A date)
Reference Images: (many angles as possible)
Size of prop:
additional Info:

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