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Phoenix Comicon 2007 - Crispin Freeman, Vic Mignogna

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 2:19 pm
by aztech
We've moved our annual date to the last weekend of January (January 27-28, 2007). Come down meet our guests, take part in our programming and enjoy the awesome Arizona weather!

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 2:19 pm
by aztech
New Flyers should be in stores this week, and with that new guests announcements!


New Anime Guests:

Matt Greenfield
Co-founder of ADV Films (A.D. Vision, Inc.), currently serving as the vice-president in charge of production, Matt Greenfield is pleased to be attending Ohayocon 2007. Having decided back in mid-1992 that he was spending way too much money on anime (back in the days when it was hard to come by) he decided to see if he couldn't make some money off his favorite hobby - it worked!

As a writer, producer and director Greenfield has helmed well over 475 TV episodes and feature films including such fan favorites as GunSmith Cats, Golden Boy, Blue Seed, Martian Successor Nadesico, Gasaraki, RahXephon, Noir, Princess Nine, Dragon Half, the legendary Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the live-action Gamera: Guardian of the Universe and the classic Megazone 23 OVA series. Matt's recent and current projects include Chrono Crusade, Gantz, The Fuccon Family, Godannar and the iconic Macross.

Besides writing and directing, Matt has voiced characters in many ADV titles such as Golden Boy, Samurai Showdown and Sorcerer Hunters. However, his best known acting roles are Hyuga in Neon Genesis Evangelion and Sugishita in Blue Seed.

Amy Reeder Hadley
Colorado cartoonist Amy Reeder Hadley makes her publishing debut with Fool's Gold. Published by Tokyopop, this original manga title tells the story of Penny, a young woman in high school who's fed up with the poor treatment she and female friends receive at the hands of young male heartbreakers. She starts an underground club at her school that's part support group and part activist avengers who are working to reveal the many games the opposite sex can play. But the line between the genders isn't so clearly drawn, and Penny becomes the subject of startling rumors about her and one of the most serious male offenders.

A runner-up in Tokyopop's annual Rising Stars of Manga talent contest, Hadley's relationship with the American manga publisher blossomed into Fool's Gold. Armed with an abundance of talent and a degree in social science, Hadley's debut work shows a grasp of the highs and lows of high school drama.

New Comics Guests:

Phil Hester
Phil lives in rural Iowa with his wife and two children. He began working in comics while attending The University of Iowa. He graduated with a BFA in drawing with minors in sculpture and painting. He has worked for nearly every comic book publisher in the last 15 years and is coming up on his 300th published comic.

Phil’s past work includes: Swamp Thing, Detective, The Crow: Waking Nightmares, The Coffin (writer), The Wretch (‘96 Eisner Nominee), The Creeper, Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, Brave Old World, Fringe, Rust, Namor, Taboo, The Picture Taker (writer), Attitude Lad, Deadline USA, Negative Burn, Clerks: The Lost Scene and lots, lots more.

His current and upcoming work are as follows: Green Arrow, The Holy Terror, Deep Sleeper, Firebreather and The Operation.

Angel Medina
Angel Medina began his career with Megaton Publications ('Berzerker', 'Megaton') and First Publishing ('Dreadstar', 'Jodah the Hammer') in the second half of the 1980s. He then went to Marvel Comics, where he had runs on 'The Incredible Hulk', 'Warlock and Infinity Watch' and 'The Avengers'. Later on he joined Image Comics with Todd McFarlane, where he was the artist of 'Sam and Twitch'. The series is a spin-off of the two very popular characters from McFarlane's 'Spawn'.

He eventually began focusing primarily on the main Spawn comic, which he has drawn for several years. He has also done the 'Kiss: Psycho Circus' title, based on the famous pop group. In 2005, he was assigned to the Marvel Knights Spider-Man' title with writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa at Marvel.

Len Wein
Wein's first superhero work for Marvel was a one-off story in Daredevil #71 (Dec. 1970) co-written with staff writer/editor Roy Thomas. Wein later began scripting sporadic issues of such DC superhero titles as The Flash, and Superman.

Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson created the horror character Swamp Thing in The House of Secrets #92 (July 1971). Over the next several decades, Swamp Thing would star in DC series and miniseries — including an initial 1972–76 series begun by Wein and Wrightson, and the mid-1980s Saga of the Swamp Thing, edited by Wein and featuring early work by writer Alan Moore. He wrote a highly well-regarded run of Justice League of America (issues #100–118) with artist Dick Dillin.

In the early 1970s, Len began writing regularly for Marvel Comics. He succeeded Roy Thomas as editor-in-chief of the color-comics line in 1974, staying a little over a year before handing the reins to Wolfman. Remaining at Marvel as a writer, Wein had lengthy runs on Marvel Team-Up, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Mighty Thor and Fantastic Four, as well as shorter runs on such titles as The Defenders and Brother Voodoo. In 1975, he and artist Dave Cockrum revived the Stan Lee / Jack Kirby mutant-superhero team the X-Men after a half-decade's hiatus, reformatting the membership. Among the characters the duo created were Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, and Thunderbird; Wein had additionally created Wolverine earlier, with artists John Romita Sr. and Herb Trimpe, in The Incredible Hulk. Wein plotted the next two X-Men stories with artist Cockrum. These issues were then scripted by Chris Claremont, who subsequently developed the series into what became, with Spider-Man, one of Marvel's leading franchises.

Returning Favorites:

Todd Nauck
Creator WildGuard, artist 52, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man, Teen Titans Go!, Superman, Young Justice

Steve Rude
Creator Nexus and The Moth, artist Batman, Superman, Captain America

Also Just Announced, but not listed on our flyer:

Andy Kuhn
Andy Kuhn has ten years experience as a professional comic and horror artists. Past credits include Easy Way, a four issue crime story published by IDW and numerous horror/crime comics including 10 with Keith Giffen, Zombie Tales and Cthulu Tales for Boom. His work includes runs on Batgirl, Marvel Adventures, Spider-Man Unlimited, X-Men Adventures, Digimon, The Joker: Last Laugh, and Young Justice. Andy Kuhn and Phil Hester created Firebreather published by Image and optioned by Paramount Pictures for a feature film. Ion addition to continuing work on developing Firebreather in a new six issue Monster Fight series, Andy is currently the artist on Marvel Team-Up with writer Robert Kirkman and is working on future projects for DC Comics.

Jay Fotos
Returning guests Jay Fotos is a colorist for Todd McFarlane Productions in 1998. Since then, he has worked on Curse of the Spawn, Spawn: The Dark Ages, Spawn the Undead, Sam and Twitch, and Cy-Gor. Currently, Fotos is working with Nat Jones and Joshua Ortega on Death Dealer from Image Comics along with working on Clive Barker's The Great and Secret show, 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease and the much anticipated '68 coming out from Image comics Jan 4th.

Tony Parker
Tony Parker is an award winning artist and illustrator. He has been in over 100 RPG books and magazines, 130 CCG cards, as well as indie comics and book covers. He has worked on many internationally known and award winning properties, including Conan, Warhammer, Mutants & Masterminds, and Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers.

Rob Osborne
Rob Osborne is the writer-artist of the award-winning graphic novel 1000 Steps to World Domination. Osborne also authored the critically-acclaimed graphic novella Sunset City: For Active Senior Living. He has worked as a writer, editorial cartoonist, graphic designer and illustrator, and as readers of 1000 Steps know, he aspires to conquer the world. Osborne studied graphic design and illustration at the University of Arizona. An Arizona resident for over twenty-five years, Osborne now lives and works in Austin, Texas with his wife and two dogs.

This is only the beginning, look for more announcements this month, the return of our touring Art Contest, Tickets as prizes at your local gaming & comic shops and much more!

And don't forget Online Registration is now Available!

Ticket prices are as follows:
  • $25 for Friday Preview Night* & 2 days
    $20 for a Saturday Only Pass
    $15 For a Sunday Only Pass[/size]
    *Preview night is only available to 2 day ticket holders.
    $8 for our Gaming Programming
    (2 day and 1 day ticket holders will still be able to participate in the gaming program track, but purchasing a gaming ticket will not give you access to the vendor room or other programming)
We offer the most affordable ticket price of any comic or anime convention in Arizona!

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2006 7:51 am
by aztech
Art and Costume Contest Tour
(coming to a store near you!)

Win free tickets to the Phoenix Comicon by participating in our Art and Costume Contest Tour.

The Art Contests range from the Captivating Color Contest (a no timed coloring contest) to the Dynamic Doodle Contest (a 15 minute timed sketch contest). The Contests are designed for all ages and skill levels. These are two of the contests that will be featured at the upcoming Convention in January.

The Costume Contest will be held concurrently. Multiple categories will be offered based on turnout. We're excited to see all the great costumes fans in the valley have.

The Tour Dates and Locations:

Saturday December 2nd from Noon to 3 PM
Spazdog Comics
Deer Valley and 35th Ave, Phoenix

Saturday December 9th from Noon to 3 PM
Borders Bookseller
Ray and 56th St, Chandler

Saturday December 16th from Noon to 3 PM
Samurai Comics
107th Ave and Indian School, Phoenix

Saturday January 6th from Noon to 3 PM
Planet Neo Anime & Comics
Rural and Guadalupe, Tempe

Saturday January 13th from Noon to 3 PM
Borders Bookseller
McDowell and 99th Ave, Phoenix

Tickets are in!

Yes, they are finally in our hands. Tickets will be mailed out today to those who purchased them at our September convention or online.

Additionally - tickets are making their way into local stores as we speak. We will have a full listing of Sponsoring Stores who are preselling tickets next week.

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 11:32 pm
by ChibiNeko
I'm trying to borrow some money for this... Will it be awesome?

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 8:47 pm
by aztech
Vic Mignogna Chats and Signs
For those as excited as we are to meet the voice and talent behind such anime characters as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, Kurz in Full Metal Panic, Dark from DNAngel, Kougaji in Saiyuki, along with characters in Raxaephon, Excel Saga, Yu Yu Hakasho, Kino’s Journey, Dragonball GT, and many others we're pleased to announce his speaking and signing schedule.

12:30-1:30 PM
Palo Verde III
Meet and greet renaissance man Vic Mignogna

2-4 PM
Vic Mignogna signs autographs at Booth 87 in the Exhibitor Hall

11 AM - Noon
Finding our Voices
Anime voice acting with Vic Mignogna, Tiffany Grant, Matt Greenfield and Crispin Freeman

1-2 PM
Soundtrack with Vic Mignogna
Palo Verde III
Like music? So do we. Vic Mignogna talks about his musical projects

2-4 PM
Vic Mignogna signs autographs at Booth 87 in the Exhibitor Hall

(Note: Times and locations are tentative and are subject to change. Please check Program Guide and on site signage at the convention for up-to-date times and locations)

Hall Cosplay comes to Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Cactus Comicon presents it's first annual Hall Cosplay Contest!

Competing is easy: just wear your costume in the halls of the convention center. Our super top-secret judges will infiltrate the crowd and award their favorite costumes!

No audiences, no skits, no pressure!

Our judges will be in the crowds on Saturday and Sunday, so make sure you look your best!

Marriott Hotel room block EXTENDED!

We have extended our room block at the Marriott Hotel! We encourage you to not delay - this is considered PEAK season in Arizona and we're competing with other events in town for hotel rooms. Our guaranteed room rate of $119 for a single/double/triple/quadruple remains in effect till at least Wednesday January 11th.
We continue to work with the hotel to ensure the lowest hotel price for the longest time for our attendees.
Remember to use the code "CCPCCPA" when reserving your room online or by phone.
Make a Reservation Today!

Full Program Schedule NOW online!

Plan your weekend at our convention today with our Program Schedule now available online! With a full slate of activities from Friday evening through Sunday night we present the biggest guests and now the most activities in Arizona.
Phoenix Comicon Program Guide

The Phoenix Comicon J-Fashion Show is looking for all styles of outfits to present in 2007.

If you are a designer or stylist interested in showing your versions of Japanese street culture fashion, contact our Fashion Show Coordinator Gren Radcliff at

The J-Fashion show takes place Sunday at 2 PM at the convention.

Friday Preview Night!

We've talked about it before - but don't forget - we open "unofficially" for a Preview Night on Friday January 26th at 6 PM.

We have a full slate of events and activities planned along with the opening of the Exhibitor and Vendor hall.

Hours on Friday
Programming 6 PM -11 PM
Exhibitor Hall 6 PM -9 PM

Only FULL EVENT ticket holders get in for Friday Preview Night, so one more incentive to purhcase a full event ticket

Cosplay Contest and Art Contest Tour
(coming to a store near you!)

Win free tickets to the Phoenix Comicon by participating in our Cosplay and Art Contest Tour. The Art Contests range from the Captivating Color Contest (a no timed coloring contest) to the Dynamic Doodle Contest (a 15 minute timed sketch contest). The Contests are designed for all ages and skill levels. These are two of the contests that will be featured at the upcoming Convention in January. The Costume Contest will be held concurrently. Multiple categories will be offered based on turnout. We're excited to see all the great costumes fans in the valley have.

The Tour Date and Location:

Saturday January 13th from Noon to 3 PM
Borders Bookseller
7320 West Bell Rd. Glendale

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 3:23 pm
by aztech

Marriott Hotel Price Increase
(Last day at $119 rate is Thursday)

Our special $119.99 room rate for rooms at the Marriott Hotel is only good till Thursday (that would be tomorrow) and then it is no more.

Beginning Friday the rate will be $179.99.

The Marriott is close to selling out of rooms as well.

Remember to use the code "CCPCCPA" when reserving your room online or by phone 480-898-8300.

Marriott Mesa

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2007 9:20 am
by aztech
Al Simmons, Inspiration for Spawn, attends Phoenix Comicon!

Al Simmons, curator of the McFarlane Companies and the man who inspired Spawn, will be signing at the McFarlane Toys booth on Saturday, Jan 27.
Bring a camera and get the autograph of the man behind the legend.
In addition, McFarlane Toys will also be featuring daily giveaways with some very exclusive items. Scheduled signing times and giveaways are listed below (but first - some other great developments!).

Sarcasm-hime attends!
(Cosplay creator extraordinaire)
Cosplay guest Sarcasm-hime will be coming to our convention direct from Canada! She'll be sharing tips and tricks she's learned over the years of cosplaying, including her interests in the design and construction of complex elements, especially armor and jewelry.

WizKids Games Unleashes Cthulhu on Phoenix!
(HorrorClix Cthulhu will be Grand Prize)

The fine folks at WizKids Games have donated boxes upon boxes of HeroClix, MechWarrior, Pirates, and HorrorClix uniques for prizes at our convention in the Gaming Area.
This week a scream went out when we opened a recent delivery from them and inside was Cthulhu from HorrorClix himself - just waiting to be won at the Phoenix Comicon!
Our Gaming Schedule is now online and includes WizKids gaming, along with Console Gaming sponsored by Bookmans, tabletop, figures, and card gaming.
And remember ... all Full, Saturday, and Sunday ticket holders gain access to the Gaming Area.
Plus - for those whose only interest is gaming - we offer a special $8 gaming ticket good for all weekend (Friday night too).
Phoenix Comicon Gaming Schedule

McFarlane Crime Mobile parks it!
(Be there for great giveaways)

You will also get a chance to check out the "Crime Mobile" - the original 1955 Chevy Bel Aire featured in the Image comic book, Sam and Twitch.

McFarlane Toys scheduled booth events:

Saturday, Jan. 27
Spawn Manga giveaway- Vol. 1 and 2
Enter our raffle to win a prize package - Drawing at 4pm
Noon - 3pm: Al Simmons Signing

Sunday, Jan. 28
Spawn Manga giveaway- Vol. 3

Dark Phoenix exclusive print first look!
Check out the exclusive Dark Phoenix print by Arthur Suydam at the link below. It measures 11x17 and is available to the first 1,000 full event ticket purchases.
Those who have purchased tickets at our September show, online, and in stores are eligible for this print. It is the first 1,000 ticket purchases that will get this print.
Look for the special Dark Phoenix distribution table in the main hall lobby.

First look at Dark Phoenix print:

CGC offers Signature Series grading!

CGC will be offering its Signature Series grading at our convention. This entails a CGC Representative viewing a signature and then the book being submitted for grading.

More details will be available as we finalize staff and volunteer staffing schedules.

Security Volunteers Sought by Comicon

(Plus Volunteers for additional positions needed)

The Phoenix Comicon is searching for volunteers with a background in security to help our Security detail the weekend of the convention.

We are always in the search of good people to volunteer for a four hour block of time. Get free admission and a t-shirt when you volunteer.

Please email Volunteer Director Mauri Bigler at for more information or to express interest.

Tickets in stores till Wednesday!
In-store ticket sales will conclude on Wednesday.

Online ticket sales will conclude on Thursday. Tickets purchased online beginning 1/19 will be held at Will Call at our Registration booth.

At-the-door Tickets go on sale Friday at 5 PM.

Purchase your tickets at your local store (full listing on our website). Or purchase online. Either way - beat the lines at the convention and purchase your tickets today.

Announcements next week:
New Comic creator ...
plus our Film Festival Schedule...
and an Amazing Grand Prize for our Masquerade Cosplay Contest!

(Can you believe the Phoenix Comicon is just over one week away?)

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2007 9:30 am
by aztech

Rob Liefeld Exclusive Onslaught Reborn
sketch variant cover at Phoenix Comicon!

While at the Phoenix Comicon make sure to pick up the Jay Company Comics exclusive sketch variant cover to Onslaught Reborn #1 by Rob Liefeld. And if you purchase it on Saturday, get it signed by Rob Liefeld himself, who will be signing at his booth all day Saturday and Saturday only.

The comic is $10 and only available at the Jay Company Comics booth

George Perez announces final three conventions till 2009
(Phoenix Comicon one of final three cons)

George Perez recently announced that after April of this year, he will not be attending any conventions till 2009. The Phoenix Comicon is one of the final three conventions he is set to attend (New York Comicon, and Pittsburgh Comicon are the other two).

Do not miss your chance to meet this living legend. Mr. Perez will be at the Convention both Saturday and Sunday signing at the Hero Initiative Booth on their behalf.
Read George Perez's statement here

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party!

(Saturday at 3:30 PM in Gazebo)
The EGL Tea Party returns to the Phoenix Comicon this Saturday at 3:30 PM in the Gazebo.

Follow hosts Sarcasm-hime, M. Alice LeGrow, and Armand Villavert down the rabbit hole to our Elegant Gothic Lolita Tea Party! This year's tea party is inspired by the infamous "Mad Tea Party" in Alice
in Wonderland. All types of Lolita are invited: EGL, Sweet Lolita, Kodona, Punk, and even Lolita-inspired cosplay.

Our Mad Tea Party promises to be full of fun--after all, we're all mad


Kadaj's Sword is Prize for Masquerade Cosplay Contest!

(Stillman Blades donates two swords)
The fine folks at Stillman Blades in the Superstition Springs Mall have donated two swords for top prizes in our Masquerade Cosplay Contest, held on Sunday at 4 PM.

One of the swords is a Shirisaya sword - with a wood sheath. Much like the Samurai of yore used. The second sword is Kadaj's sword from Final Fantasy - with the twin blades and detailed sheath.

And to see other swords and cool stuff you won't find anywhere else in the valley - travel on over to Stillman Blades in the Superstition Spring Mall (It's truly an amazing store with great and knowledgable staff).

(Convention Director Matt interjects: "The swords will be awarded to those of age. For winners underage, alternate but equivalent value prizes will be awarded based on parental discretion.")

YouTube our commercial!
It is a shamless plug - but check out our commercial currently running
valleywide on Cartoon Network and Sci-Fi Network.
Phoenix Comicon Commercial

Steve Rude hosts Painting Demo
(Saturday 1 - 4 PM Superstition South Ballroom)

Join award-winning comic artist Steve Rude as he demonstates "How to paint your favorite Superhero" with this live painting demonstration for all Phoenix Con attendees. Fans and professsional alike are invited to attend one of Rude rare public painting demos as he shows you step-by-step how to paint your favorite comic super hero. Meet Steve on Saturday afternoon from 1-4 in the Superstition South Ball.

Volunteers Sought by Comicon

We are always in the search of good people to volunteer for a four hour block of time. Get free admission and a t-shirt when you volunteer.

We are also looking for volunteers with a background in security to add to our Security detail the weekend of the convention.

Please email Volunteer Director Mauri Bigler at for more information or to express interest.

Today last day for Ticket sales in stores!

Wednesday is the last day tickets will be available in local area stores. After Wednesday tickets will only be sold online (and held at Will Call) or at the door beginning Friday 5 PM (and continuing throughout the weekend).

Purchase your tickets at your local store (full listing on our website).

(Can you believe the Phoenix Comicon is THIS weekend?)