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USA Musume at Ani-Magic 2003

Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2003 6:54 pm
by waynekaa
On behalf of USA Musume, I would like to invite you to watch the half time performance of Love Machine by USA Musume on October 4th at Ani-Magic
You can preview the outfits at our homepage, they are based off the Kouhaku Utagassen (Red & White Show) in Japan.
We encourage you to come show your support and wear RED and WHITE,
It would be great to see a sea of red and white during the performance!
(and it will be nicer for pictures too!)

We will also have performances at the Karaoke Revue/Opening Ceremonies so stay tuned for that.

Clicking on the main picture will take you to the Love
Machine page. Each of the individual girls has their
profiles updated with many solo shots as well.

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2003 9:23 pm
by waynekaa
Hello Everyone!!

Just wanted to give you all a head’s up on some of USA Musume’s plans
for Animagic this coming weekend!

UM will be having scheduled photoshoots where all of the girls from each UM cosplay project, who are attending Animagic, will be wearing their costumes all together, in one place at one time! This will give people a chance to take group shots as well as individuals! Photo-sessions will probably last around ½ an hour, however this will depend on the group size and the number of people who want pics! Some could go longer or shorter, however we will be available as a group for at least ½ an hour per appearance if the demand is there. =) The schedule so far goes as follows –

Friday –
Pre-opening Ceremonies : Tiffany will be debuting her Aya Matsuura,
“Momoiro no Kataomoi” costume! Cute cute! (this will be your only
chance to get pics of this costume as she’ll be changing during the
A couple members from Mini Moni “AIIN Dance no Uta” will also be walking around and available for pics.

Post-Karaoke Revue : Immediately following the Karaoke revue – the
*new* Pucchi Moni “Chokotto Love” group!

Saturday –
11:30am – Morning Coffee. This will not be a full group but a few of
the members will be available for photos!

3:30 – The Peace! This is a big group and almost complete! Lots of
girls, lots of gold sequins and lots of yellow feathers!

Masquerade – Wear RED and WHITE to show your support for USA Musume as
we perform Love Machine! Show us you love us and we will love you in

Post Masquerade : Love Machine Photo Op! Nice Body body body! (full

Sunday –
Please come to the USA Musume Panel! =D We would love to see you
there! Lots of fun and games are planned! Q&A and prizes too! =D
(please check the AM schedule for panel time)

Immediately following the panel: Love Revolution 21! Huge group!
Black VINYL and lots of it!

Look forward to seeing you there!