Models/Actresses Wanted For New YouTube Series New York City

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Models/Actresses Wanted For New YouTube Series New York City

Post by FightUntilUWin » Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:09 am

Hello Ladies,

I’m looking for female models/actresses to appear in a new YouTube series I’m making in New York City. I have worked with Horizon Scripted Television, AMC and Warner Brothers before, but this is my first time setting out to work on a film project by myself. Well not entirely by myself, I have an assistant helping me. She’s helpful….. sometimes. We are facing some challenges, in terms of recruitment for models/actresses because this our first time doing it by ourselves so I’m really hoping this forum can help, a friend told me about it. This is my creative vision. I’m really confident, that I can make this a hit YouTube series. I believe I have the right business contacts to push this series along after it’s more developed.
I can’t pay anyone, but if you’re looking to be in a fun project we could really use your help.

Models/Actresses must be at least 18 or older (Release forms need to be signed).

Be comfortable being filmed in a bikini, lingerie, or bra and panties (your choice you bring your own), whatever you feel sexiest in. Cosplay Bikini???

Be in good physical shape.

Live in New York City or willing to travel to New York City, Manhattan.

We will be filming some episodes outdoors. To avoid pedestrians we will be filming some of these episodes at night in Manhattan. Needless to say we will be filming episodes indoors during the day too, for girls who are not comfortable being seen outdoors.
Because this series requires a lot of improv we will let you know what you will be doing on the days of filming.
If interested please e-mail me at or private message me. Thanks in advance ladies.
~ Dev

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