ACP Flippin' Tables (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ F'n Timeline Contest!

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ACP Flippin' Tables (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ F'n Timeline Contest!

Post by waynekaa » Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:42 pm

ACP Flippin' Tables (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ F'n Timeline Contest!
Or the FTFT contest. Or FT2 contest
Or if you're trying for Fairy Tail, then the FTFTFT contest! (FT3!)

Facebook went ahead with their threat and "upgraded" all pages to Timeline, which is a bane for us.
Because that means we have to set COVER PHOTOS for all our ancillary pages D:
We don't have the time to find exemplary cosplayers to feature on these pages and make nice cosplay cover photos.
So we decided to leave it to YOU. We're holding a contest for you to make cosplay cover photos for all our pages.
Arguably this is the BIGGEST type of contest we'll have since our span of ancillary pages does cover a huge amount of series and costumes.
(if anyone is crazy enough to calculate how much of our database is covered by his contest feel free)
My Little Pony? No problem, submit to Hasbro Cosplay.
Who's the best Samurai Warrior? Koei Cosplay it is!
Gintama goes under Sentai Filmworks.
Even Disney, DC and Marvel are covered under this contest.

By entering this contest you grant ACParadise Networks the permission to post your photo to use as our cover photo for one of the pages listed below.
This contest is open to all ACParadise Network Members (Cosplayers AND Photographers)
Make sure you get the permission of all contributors to that photo (Cosplayers AND Photographer)
All contributors to the photo need to have a valid profile on ACP, ACE and/or ACS. (which will be verified by link)
Inappropriate cover photo content will not be considered (such as incorrect series)

Well you get your cosplay photo plastered over the top of one of our ancillary cosplay pages on FB for who knows how long. And EGO BOOSTING. So if you do win, make sure you show it off to everyone!

Find a COSPLAY photo that you think would be well suited for a cover photo on Facebook. Cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. It doesn't have to be exact, FB gives us wiggle room.
You can add text to make it all pretty, i.e. "Sailor Moon Cosplay hosted on ACParadise" "Cosplay Group: MooN'Sync" "Credits, bla bla" but that's optional (tho, it would help your chances)
An awesome example of a coverphoto is seen here:

Upload the photo itself to the wall of the Cosplay Page you are applying for and add the following to the description. Photos without 1-4 elements will not be considered.
1. Link to the actual photo on the ACP/ACE/ACS for verification
2. Series that the photo is from
3. List all Characters and Cosplayers with ACParadise Network Link to their profile
4. Credit the Photographer with ACSnapshots Link to their profile
5. Any extra comments such as a Team name, or why we should select your photo.
(We will be cut and pasting the description into the description for the uploaded cover photo)

Example Submission Description for Gurren Lagann Cosplay:
Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
Cytomander cosplayed by Cerulean Draco
Lady Adiane cosplayed by Sakusakus
Viral cosplayed by Tenshiryuu
Photographed by Jason @
This shoot and location was full of so much sexy. :D You should pick it.

How often can I enter?
-You can enter as many times you like, for as many of our cosplay pages as you like where it would qualify.
-For example, you got a Sengoku Basara picture, you can enter it to Capcom and FUNimation if you wish.

How do I know if I won? Will we be contacted if we win?
-Check the page. (translation: we're lazy and there's tons of pages we have to cover)

But there's already a cover photo on this page?
-There's always room for jello. Submit because we like variety and the ability to change it and keep it fresh.

How long will the my cover photo stay on the page?
-Until we change it.

What factors go into you picking a cover photo?
-You actually follow the posted directions
-The cover photo needs sufficient resolution to look good on the page
-The cover photo needs to demonstrate exemplary cosplay from the correct series
-The photo needs to be suited for a cover photo (landscape orientation)
-If the cover photo has a bunch of likes, there's a good chance we'll like it too
-If the cover photo is inline with a current promotion for that page (i.e. we need to push Fate/Zero and you upload Fate/Zero, there's a good chance we'll pick you)

How long will this contest run for?

But my photographer/cosplayer isn't on ACParadise Networks?
-Kindly ask them to join. Otherwise the photo will not be considered. This is an ACParadise Network promotion.

Is there a possibility that my cover photo will be chosen again?
-Yes, once we add cover photos it goes into our cover photo bank for that page, so if we want to switch back, we can.

When will judging commence?
-Well, when we get around to it. But feel free to tag us on twitter or Facebook that you submitted an entry (maybe you want to amass some likes on that photo before you tell us though)
twitter example: Hey @acparadise, I just entered the FTFT contest for @koncosplay!
facebook example: I just entered American Cosplay Paradise cover photo contest for Type Moon Cosplay.
Even if you ping us, if we're <s>at a con</s> meditating we might not get it but we will get to it sometime.

And here's the list of our specialized cosplay pages that you can enter on! (now you see why we don't want to search and make our own)
Wayne of AGSMA

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