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Geek Media Expo: A Geeks Con + Halloween!

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 11:46 am
by Jedi_Master_Yoda
Geek Media Expo
October 26th - 28th, 2012
Cool Springs Conference Center & Franklin Marriott
Nashvillle, TN
Facebook, Twitter

Welcome to GMX, the Geek Media Expo, the Next Generation Multi-Fandom Convention. Debuting in 2009 in Nashville, TN, GMX is a multi-genre convention catering to a variety of facets of geekdom. Entering its fourth year, GMX will be held at the Cool Springs Marriott and Convention center located just minutes south of downtown Nashville. Come join us for the best of geek culture, featuring celebrity and artist guests, special events, contests and discussion panels drawing from over 20 areas of programming that will blow your mind. Best of all, as GMX is near the end of October, what better way to celebrate Halloween this year than attending the largest cosplay party in Middle Tennessee?! Another 48 Hours of Cool has arrived!

This years guest line-up includes:
  • This years guest line-up includes:
  • Adam Baker
  • Amber Nash
  • Apparition Abolishers
  • Ben Paddon
  • The Bielaczyc Brothers
  • Bill Nichols
  • Billy Tackett
  • Billy West
  • Brian Patterson
  • Bryan Young
  • Chris Lee
  • Craig Nicholson
  • Daniel Brown
  • Dave Dorman
  • David Alan Mack
  • Doug Walker
  • Ethan Nicolle
  • Garrett Wang
  • The GMX Girls
  • Jacob Rougemont
  • Jamie Chambers
  • Janet Lee
  • Janine Spendlove
  • Jeff Preston
  • Joseph Delage
  • Lucky Yates
  • Magnetic Dreams
  • Malice In Mind FX Studio
  • Marble Hornets
  • Marilyn Ghigliotti
  • Mark Crowe
  • Mary Buckner
  • Michelle Kruse
  • Patricia Albrecht
  • Rob Paulsen
  • Robert Lamb
  • Robert Schwalb
  • Rodney Cox
  • Sam Flegal
  • Sara Harvey
  • Scott Murphy
  • Scott Christian Sava
  • Stephen Granade
  • Tanya Tate
  • Tim Sutton
  • Todd Fischer
  • Troy Wagner
  • Two Guys From Andromeda
  • Veronica Belmont
  • For complete bios on all our guests for GMX Vol. 4, please go to the VIP Guest Page on the GMX website. I am also told there are still a few more guest coming soon! So keep your ears and eyes open. That being said, it takes some time to get the website updated with new guests, so what you see listed is the most up-to-date information I am allowed to release.
So now you are probably asking what areas of Geekdom does GMX cover. Well, here is the list of all the different ways to get your geek fix at GMX.
  • ART (Art, Illustration)
  • BOOK (Literature, Writing)
  • BRIT (British Fandom)
  • CHRON (Alt. Histories, Steampunk, Time Travel)
  • COMIC (Comic Books, Graphic Novels)
  • DICE (Analog Gaming, RPGs, CCGS, Miniatures)
  • DIGIT (Digital and Video Gaming)
  • FLEX (Geek Sports, Fitness, Health) From what I know we are actively looking for people to lead panels in this track, if anyone is interested please do submit your ideas (link to follow).
  • FNTSY (Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery Fandom)
  • FORCE (Star Wars Fandom)
  • FRIGHT (Horror, Suspense, Supernatural)
  • FX (Special Effects, Props, Costuming)
  • GEEK (Catch All, Everything Else)
  • REDLT (Mature Content, Adult Interests) From what I know we are actively looking for people to lead panels in this track, if anyone is interested please do submit your ideas (link to follow).
  • SCIFI (Science Fiction Fandom)
  • SCITEK (Science & Technology)
  • TOON (Cartoons, Animation)
  • TREK (Star Trek Fandom)
  • TUNE (Music, Music Industry, Music Technology) From what I know we are actively looking for people to lead panels in this track, if anyone is interested please do submit your ideas (link to follow).
  • WEB (Internet Culture, Web Celebrity)
  • WHEDN (Joss Whedon Fandom - Buffy, Firefly)
Okay, now onto the nitty-gritty that I know you all want to know.

Interested in being a panelist? Click here to access the submission form. (Programing information will be listed here soon)

Want to get in to GMX for FREE?! Sign up to volunteer at the convention. Note, in order to get your free pass, you must:
  • Show up at one of our Volunteer meetings, held on the third Saturday of every month up until the convention, except October, it is held on the second saturday.(Chance for swag to be had at these meetings!*)
  • Keep in touch with the staff person(s) in charge of the department you volunteered for.
  • Work at LEAST 12 hours during the convention weekend.
Educate yourself on the Weapons Policy and Convention Rules. These are subject to change.

Want to set up a booth in the Artists Alley and/or Dealers Room? Please go here for more information.

In honor of this being Geek Media Expo's fourth year, the fourth floor of the hotel has been declared the party block room floor. To reserve your room on the party floor click here (space is limited).

To reserve a regular hotel room, you can click here.

To pre-register for the convention at $35 for all three days, this will take you where you need to go. Registration at the door will be $45.

I will post more information here as it becomes available.


~Ben 8)

Re: Geek Media Expo: A Geeks Con + Halloween!

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:53 pm
by Jedi_Master_Yoda
Updated my original post with a new, updated, guest list and Volunteer information.

That being said, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me over forum PM or at the e-mail in my signature below.

Re: Geek Media Expo: A Geeks Con + Halloween!

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:43 pm
by Jedi_Master_Yoda
Less than 100 days till Geek Media Expo.
Have you gotten your tickets? Have you reserved your room? We have an awesome guest and panel lineup this year that is not to be missed.

This Just In!
Rooms are being booked at a record pace and we have already passed the 70% mark for rooms available for booking. If you are thinking about going to Geek Media Expo this year, now is the time to reserve your room and purchase a ticket. Don't wait till it's to late, guarantee your room today!

Re: Geek Media Expo: A Geeks Con + Halloween!

Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 4:25 pm
by Jedi_Master_Yoda
With less than 75 days till Geek Media Expo Volume 4 in Franklin, Tennessee here is an update on the hotel status.

Our convention block is over 80% booked! As for the party room floor (4th floor) there are no more than 10 rooms left available! Don't delay, book your room today before its to late, because once they are gone, there is little chance more rooms will open up.

Re: Geek Media Expo: A Geeks Con + Halloween!

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2012 3:47 pm
by Jedi_Master_Yoda
Now with less than 65 days till GMX I have a special announcement to make. To all you Portal fans out there... the one who promised you cake will be returning to GMX this year. Ellen McClain will be making her second GMX appearance this year, and maybe, just maybe, someone at GMX will have cake. ;)

Re: Geek Media Expo: A Geeks Con + Halloween!

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 3:22 pm
by Jedi_Master_Yoda
We are in desperate need of additional volunteers. If you want to Get into GMX for FREE!, please go to the volunteer portal to sign up:

For all the basic volunteer rules, please see my original post.