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Automatic Updates to Twitter and Facebook

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 6:52 pm
by waynekaa
Click here for the graphical walk through:

Facebook is phasing out the old way using "notes" of updating their RSS. So for you to keep uninterrupted updates, we have built a new easy tutorial for you. Actually this new method is easier and more reliable than the old notes method and updates every 30-60 minutes, with thumbnails.

RSS stands for RSS Really Simple Syndication, and if you have an ACParadise cosplayer or photographer profile, you have a RSS code. Simply use this code on your favorite social networking site to get your cosplay updates to display automatically whenever you update your ACParadise.

Say you got a twitter, livejournal, facebook, and cosplay fan page on facebook. Updating each and everyone of those with your cosplay can be a real pain. But with RSS, just by updating your ACParadise, ALL of them will get updated for you!* This is quite the ideal situation if you have cosplay specific twitters or facebooks, and want your fans to keep updated when you update your ACParadise account!

RSS is compatible with ACSnapshots accounts too! Automatically post your gallery and photoshoot updates right to your social media site!

Since every social network site operates a little bit differently, scroll through the instruction set for all the details on how you can add RSS. It won't take you that long to put in, and will save you a ton of time down the line.

1. Log into your ACP or ACE account

2. Type in your username and password

3. Click View My Cosplay Page

4. Find your RSS link on the right corner

5. Right click the RSS link and save that URL.

And example Cosplayer RSS looks like:
This RSS code is what you'll be putting into each of these sites.

1. Log into your ACS account

2. Type in your username and password

3. Click View My Page

4. Click your RSS symbol link on the left side below your picture

5. Copy the location URL from your browser bar

And example Photographer RSS looks like:
This RSS code is what you'll be putting into each of these sites.

1. Log into your Facebook Account
2. Click this link ... 4949752878

3. Click Go to App

You should end up here:

4. Click to Authorize

5. Click Allow Permission

6. At this step you can choose to have the RSS go to your actual account or your fanpage.
You can use the left side bar to navigate which place to post it. For this example we'll just use your actual account.

7. Cut and paste your RSS feed URL to the first box (Feed URL).
Then type in your ACP cosplayer name into the second box (Source Name).

8. Test out your RSS by "clicking here to fetch and preview", but only do this after you filled in both those boxes.
Now hit SAVE.

9. Now you upload some new photos to ACP to test it out!


1. The other nice thing about this app, is you don't have to wait to upload, you can toggle it to post some of your older updates. Do this by clicking FILTER.

2. Click the "change" link next to Cut-off date/time

3. Select "Next Item to Publish" and hit the scroll bar arrow on the right.

4. Scroll down and select one of your previous updates.

5. Now hit save. Within 30-60 minutes, it should generate an update on your page for you.

6. If desired, connect your Facebook to Twitter.
Click and link your FB to twitter.

1. You need a Twitter application to get this to work, so sign up for Twitterfeed

2. After you create an account, log in
3. Create a feed

4. Input your RSS name, the RSS Link

Click Continue to Step 2

5. Select Services.

6. Let's go with Twitter first

7. Input your Twitter account name

Click the big blue button to authenticate it.

8. Click Create Service

9. Now if you're lazy and want Twitterfeed to also manage your Facebook, follow these instructions. (Only if you didn't import it separately.) NOTE: If you use twitterfeed to import to facebook, you need to have full descriptions in order to get thumbnails.

10. Input your Facebook log in, Authenticate and Create Service.

11. Bingo! Visit the dashboard if you wish.

12. Example Twitter result

13. Example Facebook result

14. FINE TUNING. Now go to your Dashboard

It'll show you how many clicks you got.

15. Now let's edit

16. Advanced Settings

17. Fix your settings

-Change your update frequency to however fast/slow you want it. 30 minutes is the lowest
-Make sure Content is set to Title + Description.
-Add in a Prefix like: "I Just Updated"
-Add in a Suffix like: "on ACP!"
-Click Continue when you're done


1. Click
2. Pick a name.
3. Spam out your LJ RSS link everywhere
4. Note: You need a paid LJ account to do the initial syndication.

*depending on your social network site, the time delay between your update on ACP and the site will differ*