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Series Combining- Slayers

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:45 am
by Gale
Is there any reason all the seasons of Slayers are listed separately in the series database? I find it confusing, especially since outfit variation can range from subtle to drastic and some characters might appear in all but maybe one season, so which do you pick? I propose all seasons (Slayers, NEXT, TRY, and REVOLUTION) be combined under the title "Slayers" in order to simplify things.

Re: Series Combining- Slayers

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:24 pm
by waynekaa
Let me ask the some Slayers experts about their opinions

Re: Series Combining- Slayers

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:09 pm
by jtnishi
Posted in Wayne's LJ entry on this. For sorting purposes like con photo tagging, I'll agree. Within the TV series, for the major characters, there isn't enough variation that you'd likely end up with Lina/Gourry/Zelgadis/Amelia entries and the ilk potentially scattered across 3, maybe 4 pages. And Slayers is hardly the first and last place this happens. I feel sorry for anyone forced to try to tag where a solo picture of Miles Edgeworth should be placed series wise, for example, or someone forced to remember which variant of Sailor Moon that one costume could be.

However, at least an argument in ACP's favor: at worst, if a photo is mistagged, it's probably mistagged into a series directly linked from the series page via the simliar series link. And best effort with more discrimination of detail may be better than perfection with less discrimination. I'll agree with you in favor of merge, but I'd argue that it's really not fatally bad here, and there are worse candidates than this.

Re: Series Combining- Slayers

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:14 pm
by imariyumiki
Certain characters only appear in certain season. The seasons aren't all the same and should be smashed together. A lot of cosplayers has the costumes split in season for years.

ACP is known to have organized database. Merging everything just makes everything more cluttered and it won't benefit some people who want to search for a certain season costume/character.

If it's because of sorting reason, It's not about the amount you sort, it's about making it organized that people can find the accurate picture to a series. Which was why sorting was made in the first place, wasn't made to be a competition. For the any series, you can always sort characters into the first appearance or season they are from. It's not that hard when you get used to doing that.

Re: Series Combining- Slayers

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:21 pm
by waynekaa
Ok. The answer is no. We are not merging them all into Slayers.
If you're tagging, just tag to Slayers, that's fine.
If you don't know enough about Slayers to tag, then don't tag it.
If it's incorrect, some Slayers expert will tell us and we can fix it.

I looked at the categories for Slayers and NEXT and TRY have been around for about 5 years. Do you realize how much work that would be to undo that and merge it all? It's quite a significant amount because it's been engrained at ACParadise for so long. Even if we split it up, there's a good chance someone would separate it out again. And if we did that to Slayers, can you imagine the amount of people requesting mergers of other series? It would set a horrible precedent. Don't have time to manage that type of back and forth party.

We set up the Similar Series tag to address issues like this one. It's not perfect but just be happy our Slayers area doesn't look like ANN's. ... php?id=657

Re: Series Combining- Slayers

Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:38 pm
by Gale
Ok, was just an innocent question/suggestion. I had no idea it was so much work to do something like that, and also thought I remembered something about combining stuff in recent months, but I must have misunderstood or misremembered something. Thank you for your answer, and explaining the situation too.

Re: Series Combining- Slayers

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:23 am
by waynekaa
Awesome. Thanks for understanding. I do combine some stuff every so often, they're usually series with like one tagged costume type, and not very popular at all, (so it wouldn't be missed if it was merged). The Slayers variants don't fit that model, so it's best to leave those alone. I'm currently considering merging Halo 3 ODST to Halo 3 for instance.