First cosplay ever, need help with modeling/CAD/cardboard work

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First cosplay ever, need help with modeling/CAD/cardboard work

Post by dankertsd » Thu Jun 08, 2017 3:40 pm

Hi all,
I'm trying my hand in cosplay for the first time, and I want to do a pretty ambitious project for my first costume.
I want to cosplay as Vi from the game League of Legends, and I want to build her gauntlets and armor to scale.

The problem is, I have no idea how to tackle this. I found the 3d models online that I want to emulate, and I downloaded rhino3d to manipulate them to the size that I want (idk if this is a good program for what I want to do, so let me know if there's a better program)

My grand Idea is to take the model, hollow the model out in the program where my hands would go, and then slice the model layer by layer to provide guides so that I can cut cardboard to match the layers, then adhere all the layers to create the armor in real life to correct scale.

So that is my grand idea, but I don't know how to accomplish this, so if anyone who has experience with rhino3d, or knows a better CAD program I could use, or have links/videos that could help, or has a good idea that would make this project a lot easier, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you so much everyone!

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