I am going as Yugi Muto to a Con and need help

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I am going as Yugi Muto to a Con and need help

Post by YamiYugiFan » Sun Oct 26, 2008 5:58 am

Hey there. Can anyone help me?

I am planning on going as Yugi Muto from Yu-Gi-Oh! to next year's Kumoricon and need ideas on what i can use for my outfit.

Here's a reference picture:

I have the pants, belt, the start of the wig. Does anyone else have any ideas on what else I need? ( i know that i need the shirt , shoes, studs for shoes, armbands and Duel Disk) I HAVE NO CLUE WHERE TO START! However, I believe my best friend is going to ttake me Goodwill shopping for some of these items, as well as to Hot Topic, BUT if anyone has ideas on where to get my stuff cheap, or if you know how to make any of these for FREE, let me know)

So far, for my outfit, I have:
yellow wig for the start of the whole wig

any help is greatly appreciated. I know there's a long time before the Con, but I still want it worked on soon


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Re: I am going as Yugi Muto to a Con and need help

Post by Misstress Testament » Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:24 am

A wife beater or Goodwill shirt you can doctor, Shoes should be easy to find, then add strips of fabric that wrap over the shoe that you can put the studs on so you dont mess them up for good. Bands and disks you may want to look for constuction tutorials on the web.
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Re: I am going as Yugi Muto to a Con and need help

Post by vikki » Sun Feb 01, 2009 6:35 pm

Duel Disks are obtained easily on ebay for usually less than 40$.

The armbands can be constructed of black material (preferably thick; try pleather/vinyl) with white bias tape sewn onto it. I used velcro for a clasp to keep them shut. Puffy paints can make the 'studs' on his armbands and shoes both.

For the pants you really need to either buy tight black leather pants (Hot Topic is your best bet for these; try an outlet store for lower prices) or construct tight blue leather pants from a somewhat shiny material (PVC/pleather). You can get a pattern at your local fabric store; just look for a simple pattern (Simplicity) and follow their directions. =D The belt(s) can be easily purchased at a goodwill store or Hot Topic.

I've constructed the Puzzle twice and I find the cheapest option is to make a hollow pyramid with foam board and hot glue. Cut it to the right shape with an exacto knife (measure your sides so that everything meets up neatly!), glue them together, and paint it! You can add the Eye on it with model magic (a type of clay) or just draw it on with a sharpie. Chain can be purchased from your local hardware store for less than a dollar a foot, and you can probably make a loop out of it with a safety pin.

The wig is a whole other issue, and honestly the best wigs I've seen have been a combination of a long blonde wig to make the bangs with a red/black wig sewn on top of it and spiked up. Got2BGlued hairspray is best for this purpose. I recommend starting with a burgundy/red wig (Punky, purchasable at cosworx.com) and using Sharpie to color in the black; it's a long process but it's totally worth it. You can use hairspray and a curling iron to get the kinks in Yuugi's bangs.

Any sleeveless sports shirt/tank top will work for Yuugi's top. Thank goodness it's Battle City you're doing and not Duelist Kingdom!

Best of luck!

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