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Duel Disks

Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2004 5:17 pm
by florabell_faerie
Hey, I'm considering cosplaying as one of the many Yu-Gi-Oh! characters this summer(or just use the costume as a floor costume). How exactly are you supposed to make the duel disks? What do you use? :? Since it is March now, I'll have a bit of time to make it if it takes a while; there's time for trial and error as well.

Pretty please help! :cry:


Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2004 5:24 pm
by florabell_faerie
Oh yeah! PS, this is only going to be my second costume... :oops:

Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2004 11:44 am
by +Kohyoh+
you know you can buy the duel disk toys at toy stores eh?... i think they're around $20 to $30 though...

Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2004 11:47 am
by CapsuleCorp
You do know that there's a commercially-produced toy Duel Disk now, right? I've seen it, but haven't gotten one since I've decided to stick with Duelist Kingdom versions of characters, not Battle City. It's about the right size, it's not overly huge or freaky. Toys R Us still has plenty, even well after the holidays when they were supposed to be popular. The only thing other cosplayers have mentioned is that the arm band needs to be modified a little bit to fit an adult sized arm, it comes sized for kids.

Which character are you going to do? Oh, and I adore your avatar. :D

Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2004 6:52 am
by +Kohyoh+
they are sized frokids but i think the adjust... i saw a yami bakura and yami malik running around with them once... GAH! MALIK! ::glomps::
maybe if the seto for the cosplay contest had one me and a kyo(J-rock) wouldn't had ended up having two of her three blue eyes.. :cry:
but they do hold cards too...

Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2004 10:45 pm
by MikoKagome
My brother got a duel disk just last week so yea...he's 14 and taller than me and i'm 18...Ugh! *sweatdrop* Anyway...i think they are adjustable to the size of kid thats buying them.