American Cosplay Snapshots - Updates for Photographer Katrea Lux Photography Gallery with a Focus on Cosplay <![CDATA[AnimeNEXT 2013 Gallery (Saturday)]]> Photographer: Katrea Lux
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<![CDATA[Photoshoot - Batman (Cintia's Harley)]]> Photographer: Katrea Lux
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Model - Cintia Von Quinzel This was a very last minute shoot! We planned it several hours before we got together and shot it. Cintia loves Harley and often creates her own creations inspired by her character. ]]>
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<![CDATA[Photoshoot - Batman (Poison Ivy)]]> Photographer: Katrea Lux
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Model - Carlyn Sarah I photographed Carlyn in September 2012. She isn\'t a cosplayer but she did a Batman group with some friends for Halloween where she played none other then the Poison Ivy you see in this album. She did create her costume and the only thing I did in terms of major additions is change her hair to a more vibrant reddish orange (from her natural auburn) to give a more animated look. I\'m really happy with this set and there are so many more images from it that I hope to get up online slowly but surely.]]>
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