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Photographer Surfsama
Hi, Thanks for stopping-by. I’m not the most creative photographer but I try my best. I’m very easy-going and personable so if you see me at a convention please don’t hesitate to say hi and ask for a picture.

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    Recent Comments
    VindiBirch says, "Thanks so much for posting/taking/editing these! They came out great! Hope to see you at another con/gathering sometime soon! :)"
    For Gallery Photo by Surfsama

    Sarahnityofthemind says, "Thanks for the awesome pictures!"
    For Gallery Photo by Surfsama

    Surfsama says, ""
    For Gallery by Surfsama

    Surfsama says, "Thank you!"
    For Gallery by Surfsama

    Imari-chan says, "Gorgeous photos!! I love them all! :) "
    For Gallery by Surfsama