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Like my stuff? Interested in working a photoshoot with me in the future? Then check out my devianART page for more information: https://thebigtog.deviantart.com You can also "Like" me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TheBigTog-Photography/189433621684
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Surfsama says, "Love the expression and composition of this shot!"
For Photoshoot: Team Fortress 2
Chocochick says, "Like the feel of this one a lot. Great job all around!"
For Photoshoot: Team Fortress 2
Mei Hoshi says, "oo you made an AC Paradise account!"
For Photoshoot: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Ada says, "Thank you for taking the picture of the engagement! I was told about it but now I can see how he proposed to her!"
For Gallery: New York Anime Festival 2008
TheBigTog says, "Childhood memories be damned!"
For Photoshoot: G.I. Joe