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Cosplay Photographer on American Cosplay Snapshots
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Recent Comments
pasnraine says, "omg it is a picture of me and my friend in these costumes! I havent found any until now!!! Would it be ok for me to save and share this picture? Ill make sure to give you credit and link to you!"
For Gallery Photo by LJinto

Bstra-chan says, "Such detail! It looks like Luchia stepped right out of the manga!"
For Gallery Photo by LJinto

mistywaterdrop says, "Oh my gosh!! LJinto!!! You took such an amazing picture of me in this cosplay! I just found it now and I am swooning. I just wanted to let you know you have made my whole week. Lots of love!! <3 "
For Gallery Photo by LJinto

meteo says, "Damn nifty, for a newer Bell Cosplayer -From the guy who's viewed em' from afar."
For Gallery Photo by LJinto

RenegadePocky says, "I love how this whole thing pulled together. The costume and the photo composition look amazing!"
For Photo from Mass Effect 2 by LJinto