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Photographer Lionboogy
I like hot chicks, explosions and Transformers. I take pictures of sexy girls so you don't have to! Then I wear their costumes and update my ACE! Oh hey, and a SHOUT OUT to those crazy cats that upgraded my ACS! I appreciate it! Thank you my friends!

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Recent Comments
Kotarou says, "omg, thank you for taking that picture of me! Do you mind if I put this on my cosplay page?"
For Gallery Photo by Lionboogy

Alasse Veneanar says, "Thank you for taking this picture!!! "
For Gallery Photo by Lionboogy

omgyaystars says, "Lionel! I don't know if this is a problem on your end or with the ACP website, but a lot of your photos are duplicating like mad! x ___ x (Otherwise, great photos, as always! c: )"
For Gallery by Lionboogy

Timothy McKann says, "You girls look very hot in those costumes.I even watched the series on Blu-Ray when I bought it,and it was truly the best."
For Gallery Photo by Lionboogy

Piexv says, "Hey! I wanted to message you saying thank you SO much for these shots of me at Katsucon, they came out so great, I cant thank you enough :) "
For Kill la Kill photographed by Lionboogy