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Wigs > Unknown > Medium Wavy w/ Bangs
Wig Information
Most Common Characters using this Wig
  1. Elsa (2)
  2. Tina Branford (1)
  3. Moka Akashiya (1)
  4. Tenshi / Kanade Tachibana (1)
  5. Panty (1)
(31 costumes use this wig)
Wig Name
Medium Wavy w/ Bangs
Fiber Type
Wig Length
Wig Style
Recent Reviews
  1. Rating 3 / 5.00

    Reviewed by animefan101

    I just bought the wig off of ebay, it's nothing all that exciting. I plan to replace the wig in the future with a better quality wig.

  2. Rating 4 / 5.00

    Reviewed by guiltyrose

    Nice color, very soft, but not terribly thick, good for a random ebay wig.

  3. Rating 2 / 5.00

    Reviewed by angiviper

    I will be getting a new wig for this costume as the original wig did not have sideburns and my natural hair shows through.

  4. Rating 4 / 5.00

    Reviewed by AkaneSaotome

    its so silky, and i love the style.

  5. Rating 3 / 5.00

    Reviewed by ikym2

    Nice wig. Tangles easily though, but it is heat resistant.