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Cosplayer mostflogged > Costume of Marquise Spinneret Mindfang from MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck

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MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck
Marquise Spinneret Mindfang
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Otakon 2012
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About this Costume
Construction Details:

WEEPS I finally finished my mindfang!!! Originally I was goig to make it out of Vinyl but then I realized LOL OTAKON HEAT I WOULD LITERALLY DIE so I made it out of a nice thick cotton twill instead. I took a lot of liberties with the design because….to be honest I think the design is pretty ugly. So instead of a long shapeless coat I have a 5 1/2 circle skirt with a horsehair hem, tattered tool and organza in the back, a faux corset (it’s gommeted but I didn’t bone it whoops lazy), and a top with princess seams and an invisible zipper up the middle. I’m not wearing my gloves in these pictures but they’re made out of the same material as the armor! Except for the hat & the armor the cording is hand sewed on the top, corset and skirt (which I picked cause I thought it looked really piratey?? IDK) The shoes were $20 off of ebay then I painted them red with leather paint! Until I shoves my horns into my hat I was really proud of how nice they looked AND NOW THEY LOOK LIKE LUMPY PIECES OF GARBAGE OTL they got kinds banged up when I put them throguh the holes in the hat, but whatever she’s a pirate you don’t know what she’s been through battle damage man. My wig is my old Vriska wig wefted together with another super duper long black curly wig, since I wanted MORE VOLUME. Anyway, overall I’m pretty happy with it! I wish I had boned my corset in retrospect but besides that wee!!
Personal Thoughts:
Wow Mindfang is the 8addest 8itch in all of homestuck. WHERE DA PUSSY AT????????

WOW I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT MINDFANG/DOLOROSA LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW. Poor dolorosa after loosing everything in her life that mattered to her and it mattered SO FUCKING MUCH meets this awful self centered 8ad 8itch who don't believe in shit and their bond was just SO BEAUTIFUL I feel like they found something to believe in, in each other????? I'm embarrassed talking about this don't look at me also good lord lauren is the most perfect dolorosa kill me now I can't live in this world any more

Thank you so much Carroll for these AMAZING PHOTOS and gabby for being such a fantastic Redglare
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