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Cosplayer Mirai Noah > Costume of Karina Lyle / Blue Rose from Tiger and Bunny

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Tiger and Bunny
Karina Lyle / Blue Rose
Special Variation:
Training Center / Gym
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Anime Expo 2012
Anime Expo 2011
FanimeCon 2012
Sac-Anime Summer 2012
Sac-Anime Winter 2012
Yaoi-con 2011
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Got an aqua colored shirt from JoAnn Fabrics and sewed on the white stripes on the sleeves and a teal collar. At first the pattern of the collar was a little tricky, but third times a charm! The shorts are Brooks brand, and yes, I bought them on purpose. XD

The hardest part of the costume was actually the call bracelet. It's made from craft form, which I painted and glued on a Velcro enclosure. I had some trouble sealing it, though, so I ended up making new one with a better paint job.

I searched high and low, but alas no Pepsi Nex in my neck of the woods, failed by my normally trusty Asian mart. At first I just carried around Diet Pepsi, but then I found a skinny bottle of regular Pepsi, so I modded that one to look like Pepsi Nex. I painted the cap white and printed out the logo on address labels to use as stickers. Later I got a real Pepsi Nex bottle from Hanyaan. :)

For the towel, I got an old tennis towel that hadn't been used and made the snake out of felt, interfacing, and fabric. The lettering is done with bias tape, and it's all glued on.
Personal Thoughts:
I adore Karina, lemme tell you.

I do the most obscure versions of characters, I swear. I ended up choosing to make her gym outfit because while I think it would be awesome to do her Blue Rose costume, I wouldn't be comfortable in it, and it's beyond my skill level. I was originally going to do her typical casual outfit, but alas time was running out for AX '11 and I had this brilliant idea, lol. Cutie escape~
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Arda Wigs
Wig Name
Original Color:
Color 13 - Light Blonde
Styling Notes
The first wig I used was a Clover L (Color 25). I had cut about four inches off for another costume. I attempted add some soft curls with water and a lot of hairspray, but that wig is stubborn and hates me. So I got a new one, which is nice and wavy, although it does look too yellow too... D:
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