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I'm Kelsey and I've been cosplaying since 2009, if I'm remembering things correctly, but I'm pretty awful with tracking years, so don't trust me. I'm entirely self-taught, mostly by trial and error, which can be fun, but also frustrating, ahaha. I really love sewing, though, so, eventually I hope to get proper training and pursue it professionally.
Big on just about anything by 07th Expansion, Peach-Pit or Type Moon, along with other VNs, Dangan Ronpa, Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry, Madoka, .hack//, Black Cat, Okage, SMT, Stormwatch, Astro City, Sandman/Lucifer and Y: The Last Man. I love theatre above all else, especially The Threepenny Opera and Shakespeare.
That's about what to expect from me - and many more inbetween.

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Yukari Kaiba says, "this is so cute, great photo!"
For Mondo Oowada from Dangan Ronpa
turtleen says, "Aah, thank you so much!"
For Mondo Oowada from Dangan Ronpa
slightlysalted says, "I love your costume *A*!"
For Mondo Oowada from Dangan Ronpa