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Hi! I'm a Spanish woman who loves the art of dressmaking. My mother was a really skilled one. I tried to learn by myself but I'm not as good as her. Although I'm not dedicated to this professionally it's a common thing in Tenerife, the island where I live, that the population make their own costumes for Carnivals, the most important festivity in Canary Islands.

I started to make my costumes at 13, but I have few good photos.

I also love drawing, swimming, watching movies/series, acting, sewing and more. I hope to get fun here and watch cool cosplays!

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Rydia says, "Thank you ^_^!"
For Tear Grants from Tales of the Abyss
Envel says, "Great Tear! I LOVE those shoe covers!"
For Tear Grants from Tales of the Abyss
Rydia says, "Yeah! :P"
For Hikaru Koyama from HINOI team
cherryteagirl says, "awesome!! ^__^ yay for Para Para cosplay!"
For Hikaru Koyama from HINOI team
Rydia says, "Thank you Mirai! It was pretty entertaining while I made this costume. Kimonos are so fun to do!"
For Dororo from Dororo