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My name's Ashley and...uh...I like to sew and make costumes. I also like wigs way too much.

Lots of thanks to the super nice anon who upgraded me!??

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luluko says, "pssst best way to straighten an Arda wig is to use a regular clothes iron! I've done it twice before and trust me, they can stand up to it. :3"
For Parasoul from Skullgirls
HMC says, "*spits out my drink*"
For Valentine from Skullgirls
VocalCannibal says, "me mind on fire me soul on fire u r hot hot hot B)))) (No but seriously I really love your wig hnng everything looks so nice)"
For Valentine from Skullgirls
Varnani says, "i'm just gonna ask to hover hand all of the creative team"
For Valentine from Skullgirls
Varnani says, "u still gotta SG with me gurrrrrrrrrl"
For Valentine from Skullgirls