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Started cosplaying in 2001 and started sewing in 2003. Quickly became obsessed with it and now sewing has become my main passion. I've also done some costume work in theater and I do take commissions so feel free to message me if you want me to price a costume.

Next Convention Appearance: Anime USA 2015

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Sapphire_hime says, "You guys look absolutely perfect! Your Elizabeth is so beautiful, too. I'm in love with both of your fabrics."
For Der Tod / Death from Takarazuka: Elisabeth ~ The Rondo of Love and Death
Bur Loire says, "THIS IS SO COOL!!! also ahhhh hades-sama <3333"
For Lord Hades from Saint Seiya
kellilla says, "wow! that's incredible, great work!!"
For Lord Hades from Saint Seiya
Lyn Hargreaves says, "Thank you so much~! ^.^"
For Lord Hades from Saint Seiya
Fire Lily says, "You did such an amazing job on this costume. I saw it in passing and everything looked really nice, plus those wings!! <3"
For Lord Hades from Saint Seiya