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Yoho! I'm Zalora and this is my stuff! My sister is TATTO.
I've been Cosplaying since 2005 and haven't stopped since. Starting out all of what I knew was self taught and only recently have I been perfecting my skills through proper draping and drafting techniques. I use to study engineering, now I study fashion design (it's been a long journey).

I don't have a particular one favorite cosplay, but you're free to ask me anyways.

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zalora says, "Oh man, you should have seen it without the glasses. I scared my hotel mates when I came out of the bathroom hahaha!"
For Cecil Palmer from Welcome to Night Vale
Ichnob says, "Amazing make up job. I don't think I would have recognized you if I passed by you in this cosplay."
For Cecil Palmer from Welcome to Night Vale
Rai_Kamishiro says, "Eat salad and become pirate king!"
For Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece
kapalaka says, "OMG I thought you had on a wig for these photos but your real hair is perfect! X3 The chest armor came out super clean. :o It's definitely one of the most impressive Deedo armors I've seen. X3 Beautiful job!"
For Deedlit from Record of Lodoss Wars
zalora says, "Thank you!"
For Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica