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NorCal. I like clean lines and sharp angles and uniforms and probably you.

Thank you to Jason of i360 for the Celestial Upgrade! :D

Next Convention Appearance: Sac-Anime Winter 2016

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For Miyuki Kazuya from Ace of Diamond
Ladymatsuura says, "AHHH Miyuki!!! Daiya needs more love!!! <3"
For Miyuki Kazuya from Ace of Diamond
daydreamernessa says, "you guys had such a fantastic group!"
For Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon S
mandymitchell says, "Hooray for AoT cosplay!"
For Jean Kirschtein from Attack on Titan
QuantumDestiny says, "I LOVE THIS!"
For Sweden / Berwald Oxenstierna from Axis Powers Hetalia