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I've been actively cosplaying since early 2004, though I've had a love for costuming for years. These days I tend to focus more on movie related costumes instead of gaming and anime. It was an eventual progression.

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Athel says, "Beautiful!!!! The attention detail and wig are splendid!"
For Haydee from Gankutsuou
Dokudel says, "So beautiful. This is a lovely costume. :)"
For Haydee from Gankutsuou
angelsofthesky says, "hi! could I ask you where you bought your wig? I've bin looking for a Dean wig but haven't found any that I Think is good enough. :) Have a nice day!"
For Dean Winchester from Supernatural
Shii Arisugawa says, "This looks amazing and you look gorgeous!"
For Dita von Teese from Original Design
etaru says, "I loved that you probably cleaned some China warehouse out of rhinestones for this. It looked incredible in person."
For Dita von Teese from Original Design