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I started cosplaying in 2000. I like to challenge myself and choose characters who I find myself quite attached to or are from works that I really love. Some of it's obscure, but I hope that the work I put into it makes up for that. ^^ I'm part of SMA (Studio of Masquerade Arts). You can see me at conventions in southern Ontario. ^_^

Next Convention Appearance: Anime North 2014

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Ciarathallya says, "Yay a fellow geomancer. <3"
For Geomancer from Final Fantasy Tactics
UsagiHime says, "Adorable! This shot is great and everything looks fantastic. "
For Geomancer from Final Fantasy Tactics
RinoaRaine says, "This is so amazing, you never see FFT cosplays, and it happens to be my favorite one just after 6, so it makes it that much better! :D "
For Geomancer from Final Fantasy Tactics
HokaidoPlanet says, "beautiful cosplay!"
For Professor / Scholar from Ragnarok Online
windofthestars says, "FFFFF BIOSHOCK. ALL OF YOU LOOK AMAZING AND SCARY. Perfect set of splicers!"
For Splicer from BioShock