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I've been a casual cosplayer since 1999, but now I have had the chance to go to some great conventions, I have been swept up in an urge to do as many costumes as possible :3 At first I was a huge Weekly Jump fan. Now I'm just a Gundam nut. MUCH LOVE AND ILU ITU GINNY FOR CELESTIAL BEING STATUS!

Next Convention Appearance: Yaoi-con 2014

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firewolf826 says, "HAAAA I'm so glad you ran into them!! It really was fate! This is too funny, everyone looks great *^*"
For Zhu Li from Legend of Korra, The
Athel says, "AAHHHH. THIS ROUP IS AMAZING. I LOVE YOU ALL FOR THIS. Everyone looks amazing and full of pure win. OMG. WHO IS THAT NUKTUK BOLIN?! I have to tell him that I got his picture on Saturday and his cosplay was one of my con highlights!"
For Zhu Li from Legend of Korra, The
jetspectacular says, "Hi Joe!! Thanks and Ahhh omg good luck!! :D Sorry for late reply- the gray parts are just spandex with a thing layer of quilting batting inside-- basically quilted spandex. It was the only way I knew of to get those "raised" texture of his inner suit. It made the whole thing unbearably hot to wear though, so invest in some athletic undershirts/pants as well.. I'll upload some construction progress pics that shows what I did!"
For Banagher Links from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
jetspectacular says, "KEEP CALM AND SCIENCE ON"
For Inaho Kaizuka from Aldnoah Zero
Sapphire_hime says, "Oh my goodness!!!!!"
For Inaho Kaizuka from Aldnoah Zero