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    Welcome to the wig database! Here you can find information on all the major wigs cosplayer use. If you've ever had trouble finding or choosing a wig for your costume, you can get help by seeing what other ACParadise members have used, along with reviews and styling notes. You can also leave feedback and notes on the different brands to help your fellow cosplayer choose the best wig for their costume.
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    Recent Wigs by ACParadise Users
    Newly added Wigs
    Wig Brand
    Nicki Arda Wigs 04-14-2014
    Shiki AnimeStuffStore 04-13-2014
    Butler Usagi Cosplay 04-13-2014
    SeeU 90cm L-email Wig 04-11-2014
    SeeU L-email Wig 04-11-2014
    SeeU 90 cm L-email Wig 04-11-2014
    Mikoto Suoh China Cosplay Wigs 04-11-2014
    Mystic Amphigory 04-10-2014
    Office Lady Style Wavy Lucaille 04-09-2014
    Black Widow (Avengers) Spirit Halloween 04-08-2014
    Yuna FM-Anime 04-07-2014
    Sailor Jupiter Lucaille 04-06-2014
    Asuna Unknown 04-05-2014
    Asuna Coser 04-05-2014
    Luthien Alpaca 04-02-2014
    30' Straight Pony Tail Set Epic Cosplay 04-01-2014
    Serah Farron Ayanamisatoru / greatarchy09 04-01-2014
    KL613B Purple Plum Inc. 04-01-2014
    Heavenly Body Troika International 03-31-2014
    Long Cosplay 40" TaoBaoPit 03-31-2014
    Fate series Luviagelia Edelfelt Charissa-KIDS / C.C. KIDS 03-30-2014
    Cardcaptor Sakura Sakura Kinomoto Lucaille 03-30-2014
    Petra Ral Lucaille 03-27-2014
    David Cosworx / Cosplay.com 03-27-2014
    23 Curly Pony Tail + Base AnimeStuffStore 03-26-2014
    Most Used Brands
    1. Arda Wigs (2500 Wigs)
    2. Unknown (1423 Wigs)
    3. New Look (691 Wigs)
    4. Epic Cosplay (636 Wigs)
    5. Cosworx / Cosplay.com (521 Wigs)
    6. Fantasy Sheep (482 Wigs)
    7. Cosplay-Wig (445 Wigs)
    8. Amphigory (355 Wigs)
    9. Ayanamisatoru / greatarchy09 (173 Wigs)
    10. Lucaille (135 Wigs)
    All Wig Brands
    Here are a list of all wig brands available on ACParadise. Click on a name to get more information about the company.