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    Welcome to the wig database! Here you can find information on all the major wigs cosplayer use. If you've ever had trouble finding or choosing a wig for your costume, you can get help by seeing what other ACParadise members have used, along with reviews and styling notes. You can also leave feedback and notes on the different brands to help your fellow cosplayer choose the best wig for their costume.
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    Recent Wigs by ACParadise Users
    Newly added Wigs
    Wig Brand
    Sheren Match Wigs 05-29-2015
    Tohsaka Rin Cosplay Wig Black 80cm cookdream 05-29-2015
    TARI TARI Okita Sawa CosplayMix 05-27-2015
    n/a Peri-Wig 05-26-2015
    Honoka Kousaka Cathy Wig Shop 05-26-2015
    Miranda Wig Types 05-26-2015
    Ponytail Base Classe 05-26-2015
    Atsuko Maeda Lucaille 05-26-2015
    Layered Ghost Cos Wig 05-20-2015
    Goggle Star Boots Girl The Five Wits 05-19-2015
    Death Parade - Chiyuki Lucaille 05-19-2015
    Kotori Minami Ghost Cos Wig 05-19-2015
    Atlas (14" Lace Front Alternative) Epic Cosplay 05-12-2015
    Fushimi Saruhio China Cosplay Wigs 05-08-2015
    Kill la Kill Inumuta Houka Short China Cosplay Wigs 05-08-2015
    Makishima Shogo Kucos 05-07-2015
    26 Wig is Fashion 05-02-2015
    26" Long Curly Lace Front Wig is Fashion 05-02-2015
    Hajime Hinata Bluebeard.Mansion 04-30-2015
    Tomoyo AnimeStuffStore 04-30-2015
    Tokiya Ichinose Short As You Like Wigs 04-26-2015
    diana 615 It's a Wig 04-26-2015
    Ranplus Epic Cosplay 04-25-2015
    Darling Sweet Blood Hacker The Five Wits 04-25-2015
    150cm Straight Lucaille 04-23-2015
    Most Used Brands
    1. Arda Wigs (3502 Wigs)
    2. Unknown (1683 Wigs)
    3. Epic Cosplay (924 Wigs)
    4. New Look (697 Wigs)
    5. Cosworx / Cosplay.com (545 Wigs)
    6. Fantasy Sheep (495 Wigs)
    7. Cosplay-Wig (454 Wigs)
    8. Amphigory (376 Wigs)
    9. Ayanamisatoru / greatarchy09 (202 Wigs)
    10. Lucaille (200 Wigs)
    All Wig Brands
    Here are a list of all wig brands available on ACParadise. Click on a name to get more information about the company.