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06/20/16 - Star Ocean Fan Gathering at Anime Expo
Come to the Star Ocean Fan Gathering at Anime Expo® 2016 Friday, July 1st from 4-6 PM!
Are you a fan of the Star Ocean Franchise? Excited about the upcoming release of Star Ocean 5?
This is a fan gathering! No cosplay necessary but if you want a chance at impressing the possibility of the Japanese guests showing up, we'd highly encourage it! There will be photos, prize giveaways, all sponsored by Square-Enix.

Come add yourself to the event to get important updates! (like the location)

05/24/16 - Events for Anime Expo and Otakon
Be sure to check out our events section for a wide selection of casting calls!

03/15/16 - Sailor Moon / Star Wars Casting Calls
Sailor Moon casting call for Anime Expo has been CLOSED. Decisions date will likely be pushed back from 3/15/16 due to the amount of last minute entries and edits. Good luck to all the entrants!

You still have time to enter the Sailor Moon casting call for Otakon!
Deadline to enter will be 3/30/15 11:59 EST.

We are also scouting for Star Wars cosplayers for a May the Fourth Event in Chicago

June 27, 2016
June 26, 2016